Perverted Justice on the Run?

8 08 2007

Philip Eide runs away!

It hasn’t been going so well for PeeJay lately. First there’s the news their DateLine NBC entrapment schemes haven’t exactly been keeping people in jail which shoots down any law enforcement benefits supposedly offered by their peculiar mix of softcore porn and edutainment…

Then there’s the (upteenth in how many months now) report of a study showing sex offenders are among those least likely to get in trouble after serving their time….

Of course this is all old news now…but that’s what happens when you’re unable to get online for awhile! 😉

More interesting are the denials of police officers taking bribes to allow Perverted Justice to pull their entrapment games

Or the article in Rolling Stone Magazine, calling the games PeeJay plays the New American Witch Hunt….

Oh and speaking of the whole Murphy affair? Get this, they’re getting sued for $105M

Hmm… maybe Eide has a good reason for running away from reporters after all?


Google\Blogger FAILS to uphold free speech…

22 02 2007


We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a complaint regarding your blog Upon review, we’ve noted that your blog is not in compliance with Blogger Terms of Service ( As a result, we’ve been forced to remove your blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Blogger Team

I have already replied with an email to Google\Blogger:

I DO NOT understand.

I emailed Blogger regarding the attempts at those complaining about my blog, and attempting to have it shut down because they didn’t like what I had to say. I used the support page and emailed Blogger regarding this and received the useless reply where you asked me to try and ‘work’ with the people harassing me. Now I go to check my blog only to discover some one else has squatted on my address and an email from Blogger telling me you’ve deleted my entire blog!


What have I done besides exercise my freedom of speech?

What TOS have I broken?

Who have **I** harassed? Who have I been ‘cyber-stalking’?

I’m sending this email as a matter of course, even though I honestly don’t expect any replies.


As stated, I don’t expect much of a reply back. I also don’t know how long I will be able to continue to post here on WordPress, if the pattern continues to follow and the bigots who dodge our every step online begin to agitate against WordPress. Unfortunately I was unable to save the url from being hijacked by Acme, so please be careful while deleting my old address from your bookmarks.

What is even more unfortunate is Google\Blogger’s removal of my entire blog without allowing me a chance to edit out wheter content they found to be in violation of their TOS. Or even which item of their TOS I have supposedly violated. Or … I could go on and on about the subject but I’m a bit too heartbroken at the moment, but I will regroup and republish, regardless.


Google\Blogger\Blogspot: Slightly Unclear on the Concept…

8 02 2007


Thank you for writing in regarding content posted on We would like to confirm that we have received and reviewed your inquiry. and are US sites regulated by US law. Blogger is a provider of content creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to create blogs, but we don’t make any claims about the content of these pages. Given these facts, and pursuant with section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, Blogger does not remove allegedly defamatory, libelous, or slanderous material from or If a contact email address is listed on the blog, we recommend you working directly with the author to have the content in question removed or changed.

The Blogger Team

I have responded to their email with the following:

Dear Google\Blogger\Blogspot,

I do not think you have read (or if you have read, then you have misunderstood) the issue I am requesting support for.

The members of the ACME blog are making malicious and untrue statements about my blog, as well as INCITING their readers to FALSELY flag my blog as being illegal, or inappropriate. They are flagging me WITHOUT CAUSE. Other Bloggers they have been doing this to HAVE had their blogs REMOVED. You can reassure me all you want that you do not do this, but YOUR ACTIONS of the last few months are not in line with YOUR WORDS.


Hopefully this time someone (not a robot) will read the email and respond with something a bit more reassuring. As it is now the canned response is almost worthless, and no reassurance that someone who works to write their thoughts won’t have their words erased by bigots and ignoramuses following a party line. Why should anyone work to provide Google content under those conditions?

–I*Love*Green*Olives (asking Google not to fail so hard this time)

Google\Blogger Responds…

3 02 2007

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Blogger Support. We will review your message and respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Blogger Support

So at least we know at this point the report has been received. True respect for freedom of speech means protecting even that speech you abhor from being silenced. Let’s hope Google\Blogger understand that and are willing to face up to these bullies.

Remember Google\Blogger, every time you capitulate under pressure you reinforce the idea all these guys have to do is slander and you’ll pull the plug. This is not how you want the rest of the world to see you.


Fail Illustrated

Why didn’t they make toys like this when I was a kid?

1 02 2007

Legos You Wish You Had!

I figure since the wonderful folks at Acme Cleaning Services have selected me as their next target, (along with Poet and Author Viamund The Rake apparently..) I may as well have some fun!

I have made a report on the situation to Google\Blogger though:

These bloggers (and others as well) have been waging a war of harassment against me and other bloggers not for TOS violations but because they dislike what we have to say. The Acme Cleaning Services people have requested that all their readers flag my blog as having been in violation and claiming that I (and others) have broken the law simply for exercising our first amendment rights. I am concerned that Google\Blogger will simply delete my blog in order to make the people flagging my blog go away.

Please tell these people they to stop cyber-stalking me using!

Please tell them to stop spreading lies and false allegations against me while inciting people to make false reports about my blog!


Owner of:

We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out. Needless to say I’ve already backed up my posts and am ready to repost much of my writing should that become necessary. I refuse to be silenced by way of libel and slanderous lies, when the alternative is to speak up and make good use of the attention about to come my way. Perhaps one of the many sheeple who will be showing up to flag my blog on the say-so of my enemies will take the time to actually read what I’ve written and see there is more to this than they’ve been led to believe. That’s the secret you know– every time our foes attempt to silence us all they really do in the end is grant us publicity and add to our numbers –it happens every time.

You cannot silence me without my consent and I DO NOT GIVE IT.

–I*Love*Green*Olives (feeling strangely invigorated)

So Why Target Rookiee?

3 01 2007

Rookiee: So what do you think the future of …paedophile online broadcasting is gonna bring us?

Guest #2: Uh, after this show, very little!

[All participants laugh]
Pedologues, Episode 25 (roughly) at 04:53

Rookiee Revolyob, host of the popular podcast Pedologues finally pulled his talk show some few weeks ago.

He had managed to hold strong in the face of a concerted effort to slander and libel his efforts for some time, withstood intimidation and threats of public exposure for speaking his opinions and inviting others to do the same. He even had a open invitation for anyone who’d debate with him on the show to do so, stating his hopes to provide a public forum for discussion on all sides of the Paedophilia issue each time he issued the long standing invitation. To my knowledge none of the cowards who attacked him ever took him up on the invitation, despite the several appearances he made to well known podcasts and forums under their control.

Cowards? Why not, for by their actions they can be nothing more!

Instead of debating him on the issues at stake, they slandered and libeled him. Rather than go on the record, they attempted to silence with fear and intimidation. When legal threats were not enough and publically lynching him in effigy ‘outing’ him was not enough, they did what they always do–attack the innocent.

It was only when people who had no affiliation to him were being attacked that Rookiee pulled the plug.

So it has always been for those who seek to save the children.

The question that is left haunting me is one I’ve heard asked time after time since this entire thing began.

Why Rookiee?

Why Pedologues?

What was it about this one man and his little podcast that frightened the likes of Perverted Justice to the point they would throw their entire weight against him like they have?

Awakening Awareness

Much of the answer has to do with the state of the current childlove community itself. For the most part, the community online is very small because only a fraction of Paedophiles and Childlovers are active in it. I firmly believe the showing we currently see is only a fraction of the size of the true community; the rest simply aren’t aware yet.

Many aren’t even aware they themselves are Paedophiles, and the ones who do recognize this in themselves think they’re ‘the only good one’ because they aren’t out raping kids, the way the media tells them ‘all the other’ paedophiles do.

No one who loves children is going to seek out enclaves of rapists.

No one who loves children is going to go in search of a website that tells how to abuse or rape the very ones they love.

Most Paedophiles and Childlovers are no smarter or stupider than the rest of the populace. If they constantly read about, hear about, and are told about the online community as being nothing but a bunch of rapists, they will never seek that community out. Our enemies know this. So should we.

Think back to Rookiee’s mission statement for Pedologues again; his stated hope and desire to take those conversations we already have among ourselves in our little communities and place them out in the ether so people who wouldn’t normally read our words would have a chance to hear our voices in another way.

Time after time I’ve queued up a Pedologues episode and found myself listening to others discussing the very same things I’d read about on one of the forums only a few days before. Many times I found myself disagreeing with a guest or even with Rookiee himself—but just as many times more I’ve nodded my head enthusiastically and said to myself ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is!’ Listening to people discussing these types of issues, the same types of things we have always discussed among ourselves was a reinforcement of the message I was not alone.

It was also a breakout from the ‘Childlove Ghetto’ and something that sent the Antis into a frenzy. Pedologues wasn’t a website they could condemn and slander, it was an audio file that anyone could listen to and see for themselves. There were no pictures involved in its display, no possibility of videos embedded into its content. Unlike a website, there was no reason to fear illegal action simply by loading it. Worse it was a podcast, part of a new online community created specifically for the purpose of allowing everyone to express their opinions. Freedom of Speech wasn’t something theoretical to these people; it was the thesis behind their existence!

So the only way the Antis could take down Pedologues was to act hard and fast. They needed to not only get Rookiee off the air, they needed to make sure they hit him everywhere at once… Who knew what would happen if this kind of thing caught on??

Welcome to the Echo Chamber!

Sadly enough, any of us could have done what Rookiee did and gotten the same kind of attention. The Childlove community is small. Rookiee was pulling aside the curtain on who we are and what we really talk about together. The biggest thing Rookiee had going for him? He knew how to make the episodes somewhat professional sounding. He was reasonably competent at his work.

The Antis don’t expect us to have any ability whatsoever. Neither does the average media consumer who has been told repeatedly that we are failed human beings, unable to do anything beyond search for illegal pictures and masturbate. As such any display of competence on our part catches them off guard. They will always see such displays as ‘exceptions which prove the rule’ rather than admit they could be wrong about us.

Time after time I’ve queued up Pedologues… and said ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is!’

Want to be famous in the Childlove community? Start a podcast. Sure, you won’t have been the first in the field anymore—that’s an honor no one can take away from Rookiee—but there’s no shame in being second here. Or third. Or even fourth and fifth at this point. The importance is in getting our voices out there, in breaking free from the Childlove Ghetto.

All it takes is being reasonably competent.

All you have to do is exceed the expectations of the Antis…. Easy! Most of us do that simply by getting up and going to work every day!


Invisible Sun

8 10 2006

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life
Looking at the barrel of an Armalite
I don’t want to spend the rest of my days
Keeping out of trouble like the soldiers say
I don’t want to spend my time in hell
Looking at the walls of a prison cell
I don’t ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart
–The Police, Invisible Sun

It’s two steps forward, two steps back. As always. Within the same time frame the members of Perverted Justice begin their racketeering against Rookiee and now apparently against the upstream providers of GirlChat and BoyChat’s servers, we discover one of the biggest self-appointed child advocates (Sadvocates) has been a hebephile all along. Funny how these things just seem to work out, isn’t it? These perverts try to silence one of us and a little bit later a heavy hitter on their side of things comes down with a bad case of foot-in-mouth-disease. ^_~

As many of you already know, Rookiee was duped into deleting his blog:

I pulled the blog last night because for a few minutes, after reading a very convincing email, someone told me it might be the right move to save myself. They seemed convinced that if I pull my blogs, my podcast, and everything else and just lay low for a few months, things would roll over and they’d forget who I am and simply let me be.

And while it’s certainly understandable his reasons for the actions, anyone going to the site of his former blog will now heading into enemy territory. Please remove his link from your blogs, websites bookmarks, and etc to avoid running into a potential IP entrapment scheme! Rookiee is currently in the midst of transcribing all his podcasts for so they can confirm with their legal department the allegations made by Perverted Justice (PeeJ) are indeed false. What will come after that is accomplished is unknown at this point (besides the resumption of Pedologues of course,) but I for one sincerely hope will consider launching a libel or defamation suit against the aggressors at PeeJ. Perhaps even a racketeering lawsuit…

Also happening is the attempt at PeeJ to attack the upstream provider for Epifora, which seems to have succeeded. True or not, chances are rather than closing permanently as they hope, the affected sites will simply move to a different upstream provider. Or to put it slightly differently and in terms the PeeJ and occasional AZhole member can understand:

Neener neener neener! We ain’t going nowhere!

Why am I so flippant about this? Because, I do not truly expect these actions to result in anything more than a temporary disruption in Epifora site services. I’m also thrilled because this latest action has shown to many of the appeasers there is no hope of appeasement. We have followed the AUP to the letter and are still being targeted. This also goes far in making clear to the interested bystander that Perverted Justice is an actual danger to children. They are trying to pull down one of the few sites I know of that bends over backwards to be legal. So strict on their interpretation of the rules it can be a bannable offense to link to something as mild as! is an adult site, fully legal and we are unallowed to link to it!

Believe it or not, by attempting to remove the Epifora sites Perverted Justice has ensured law enforcement will have a much harder time keeping an eye on the paedophiles who post, lurk and read those sites. Congratulations! You’re encouraging people to follow in Foley’s footsteps…

Foley’s Fulsome Follies

What to say about Mark Foley?

I wonder are they truly conflicted, or are they cynically hiding in plain sight?

JD420 has a nice intelligent post on the subject over at the Absolutely Nothing Unified Blog. It’s worth reading to see the history of these types of things and as a wake up call that many of those who bray loudest in our enemy’s camps are themselves what they claim to hate. I am dubious whenever I hear a prominent ‘Anti’ has been caught out doing the very things they profess to hate. I wonder these days, are they truly conflicted or are they cynically hiding in plain sight?

I honestly tend to waver on this one. While there are a few lucky paedophiles who claim to have never once questioned their sexuality, I have struggled with who and what I am. I think I’m stronger as a person for having done so because I know my own mind better than I would have without the stuggles I’ve been through. I can still recall being a little boy, reading news articles about child-murderers and feeling sick to my stomach, wondering if someday there would be another little boy sitting where I sat, reading the self same news articles, only seeing my name in the headlines? No one ever bothered to tell me there was a difference between a paedophile and a psychopath. There’s a reason for that– it’s because many people don’t themselves distinguish between the two –which simply adds to the tragedies that surround us.

I said adds tragedy, because while I think some of our opponents sincerely think they are doing what is best for children in their actions, they are sincerely wrong. If you bring up a generation of people who repress their sexuality from childhood to believe that paedophiles are ‘evil‘ then you cannot be surprised when you harvest a crop of monsters. The goal is laudable, but the implementation is flawed beyond belief!

We have encountered young teenagers (13 to 15) who, as part of their treatment, have been compelled to recite daily lay-outs or creeds including phrases such as “I am a pedophile and am not fit to live in human society…I can never be trusted…everything I say is a lie…I can never be cured.”
–Mark Chaffin & Barbara Bonner, Don’t Shoot, We’re Your Children: Have we gone too far in our response to adolescent sexual abusers and children with sexual problems?

And it is thanks those like Mark Foley who labored tirelessly in his role as a member of the United States government passing the legislation which will lead to even greater persecution of children. They deceive themselves and those they claim to represent when they declare they do these things under the guise of preventing future child molesters. Even the most cursory knowledge of basic psychology ought make obvious to even the oblivious their actions will have opposite results to what they intend!

Did Foley know what he was doing? Did he even care? Ah, here I am becoming cynical again– yet the question bears asking –did he know and if he did, did he care? Or was he too busy doing his best to blend in, desperately hiding within plain sight to think about those things? Are we supposed to pretend while Foley was hopping up and down screeching for everyone to ignore the man behind the curtain and lynch some more paedophiles, his heart was in the right place? Are we supposed to pretend he couldn’t spare a tick from tilting at windmills to attack the very real scourage of incest exemptions?

I am cynical, because I suspect Mark Foley didn’t care at all about those he hurt, and those his legacy will continue to hurt as the years go by. Just as there are others who continue to hurt children in the name of saving them. Others like Perverted Justice‘s Xavier Von Erck (real name “Phillip John Eide” of Portland, Oregon)…

“My goal is not to protect minors.” –Xavier von Erck

As Ella has already publicized on her blog a while back, Perverted Justice does not exist to protect minors, it exists to lynch paedophiles. Those performing as ‘human shields’ are not doing it to stand in for children, they do it for the perverted entertainment of their compatriots. As we have seen time and time again, the loudest voice in the room jabbing both fingers off to the corner scapegoat is doing so to hide their own ego-dystonic paedophilia.

We sit on a continuum, and operate somewhere within the three corners of a triangle– it really does seem to be the best way to visualize it –and how important control is to you dictates in which direction along the triangle you lean towards. The anti and the child molester aren’t really all that far apart from each other in all honesty; they both demand control of the child’s sexuality. The child molester wishes to seize control and make the child be sexual, whereas the anti wishes to seize that same control and force the child to be asexual. It is only the childlover who follows the lead of the child and seeks to hand the control of the child’s sexuality back to the own who owns it.

Once you see how people on all sides of the issue of child sexuality factor into the chart it becomes blindingly obvious why so often we discover those who rail the most against child sexuality are also the ones most likely to cross from one side to the other. It explains how ‘Markaba’ was able to become ‘Todd’ so swiftly. It explains how Phillip John Eide could become Xavier von Erck and spend hours and hours online in age-play, supposedly to combat the scourge of online paedophila, when in fact…

PeeJ himself seems to have some issues with underage girls and boys. If you were to do some investigation it becomes blindingly obvious the leaders at PeeJ have a double standard when it comes to child sexuality. They don’t seem to have any issues with placing minors into chat rooms and instigating ‘sexy chat’ with older men and women. It’s a real pot meet kettle situation, or perhaps just some old fashioned hypocrisy?

As per her many blog entries, she has obviously had a serious long-term affection for Xavier – One that obviously started long before her first posting on PJ. Her PJ avatar is contains the caption “Mrs. Von Erck”. An example from one of her blog postings:

“I had a dream about about AG and PA a few nights ago. It was very odd. For some reason I went to live with them and their townhouse was haunted by a guy man that died in a rubber dinosaur costume.”

(AG is Angry German AKA Xavier Von Erk, and PA is Phoebus Apollo, Xavier’s sidekick.)
–Corrupted, Is Sexually Exploiting Children?

“Mrs. Von Erck” was sixteen when she did her first ‘bust’ for Xavier at the original Perverted Justice, which began as an offshoot of his blog: Angry German. Reading the linked article will reveal there are many others, some even younger who have been involved in sexually explicit chat with older men for the entertainment of the Perverts at PeeJ’s site. Hiding in plain sight? Phillip John Eide seems to have gotten it down pat…

There has got to be…

The only problem is, we can do that too. And we would, many of us if it were not for how much we care for those children whose lives are being destroyed in the hysteria those like Phillip John Eide have built to use as a smokescreen. Don’t take my word for it, head over to the Ethical Treatment for All Youth site and see for yourself how many children are being used as grist for the mill in order to provide a smokescreen! Read about caes like the one that happened in Echo Glen Children’s Center! See what impact the laws Mark Foley rammed through in effort to protect himself, really have on the ones they protect!

The damage the hysteria causes doesn’t stop there though. It affects everyone, down the line. Just ask Mark Bronke, his wife and two children. Or Eric Haskett, who was unlucky enough to be renting the apartment of a former sex offender. Or the seven people unfortunate enough to live in an area near a sex offender who woke up one morning to discover their cars had been vandalized. Keep in mind also that many of the victims created by these types of discriminate attacks keep silent for fear of being targeted if they respond with anything other than ‘Rah Rah Rah! Kill those peterfiles!’

When do we decide the urge to punish has overcome the need to rehabilitate?

When will we be able to accept normal, healthy juvenile sexuality as not being abusive?

And when we realize what the true impact of our actions have been on the children of tomorrow, will we be able to repair the damage done?

And they’re only going to change this place
By killing everybody in the human race
They would kill me for a cigarette
But I don’t even wanna die just yet

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day’s done
–The Police, Invisible Sun


PS: Thanks to Cangee for allowing me to use his Child Sex Triangle to illustrate how much alike child molesters and antis truly are!

Perverted Justice, Perverts Justice

20 09 2006

The other day Perverted Justice released an announcement, declaring they had decided to harass Pedologues podcaster Rookiee Revolyob for having dared to stand up in public and disagree with them. They slated four corporations that serve the public in their attacks, intending to pressure these corporations into silencing Rookiee by proxy. They have succeeded with one of the four already and are at work hammering against the other three even as I type this.

These corporations are:

Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation


Perverted Justice was able to quickly threaten Cafepress into silence by reminding them they were among Cafepress’ largest customers. You can no longer see these threats now because Perverted Justice has removed them in appreciation for Cafepress complying with their demands. Demands that Cafepress complied with after Perverted Justice began holding the company hostage via disabling their store and announcing their intention to remove it permanently unless Cafepress buckled under.

You have included sensitive personal material on your user page which is unacceptable. To put it bluntly, you are playing an ass. You may remove it or accept an indefinite block. —Fred BauderNow they’ve begun to attack Wikipedia, by vandalizing and harassing Rookiee via his User Page. If you head over to Wikipedia now and and click on his User Page, it will come up as blank. Rookiee has been threatened with an “indefinite block” by one Fred Bauder. What is Fred’s problem? Apparently he wishes to punish Rookiee for thoughtcrime! When Rookiee says on his page he wishes he had a boyfriend, why naturally that must mean he’s talking about molestation…right? Despite the fact he’s clearly said on countless occasions he has only had sex with adults. In fact according to one podcast of his I listened to recently, he said his first sexual experience was with…an older man when he himself was nineteen!

The next step in the harassment appears to be complaining about Rookiee’s use of the BoyLove Logo on his User Page. As you may or may not know, Wikipedia prohibits the use of even ‘fair use’ images on User Pages in attempt to walk well within range of copyright laws as interpreted in the United States, where most of their servers are located. That said, as far as I can understand the image is public domain and there would be no real reason for conflict here in the use of the image by Rookiee. I also find the timing of this decision to be unfortunate as it casts doubts on the motivations of the one requesting Rookiee source his right to use the image at a time where he is under attack on multiple fronts. One wonders if this isn’t simply a distraction while Perverted Justice continues to slander Rookiee to the others on their list…

Speaking of others, if you were to head over to Pedologues, where Rookiee has begun discussing these attacks, you’d be astounded by the volume of attacks he’s received in the comments pages. Or maybe not? For those of us who have begun blogging and making use of other media to communicate to the rest of the world we’re not all the same and being Paederotic doesn’t automatically equal rapists, seeing these kinds of trolling are an old hat. Speaking of blogging, one of the things you might notice if you were to visit the Perverted Justice article is how they have managed to take a sideswipe at myself and a few other bloggers.

Other names of blogs on blogspot:
The Ministry of Boylove
Little Girls in my Heart – (A Girl Lover’s Life)
Defending the Paedoerotic
My Pedo Attraction

Still Mad as Hell

I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over

Not Ready To Make Nice, Dixie Chicks 2006

This was a mistake guys. I rarely ever discuss PeeJ because I never get into IMs with underage girls (that I know of) and if I have the usual focus of conversation was on anime, fanfiction or other types of media, certainly not sexuality or other such things. While I have always considered the actions of PeeJ to be little more than simple vigilantism and an attempt to disguise their own sexual perversions. Remind me who it is that fits the description of an Internet Predator again– who is it that goes into chat rooms, pretends to be younger than they are, and seeks to entrap others in a compromising position for their own gratification? In any case I’ve left the organization alone in the past for the simple reason I tend to privately consider anyone who is out on IM trying to hook up with an underage partner to be insane. But like what happened with the AZholes from Absolute Zero, if you decide to attack me, I will respond in kind….

How is this not clearly harassment?

How is the vandalism currently going on here any different from what Stephen Colbert tried to pull awhile back? Perverted Justice for political reasons has begun an attack on Mr. Revolyob solely on the basis of his sexual orientation. This is what they do and what Mr. Revolyob is suffering from now. How is this any different than neo-nazis or Ku Klux Klan members harassing a Wikipedia member by reason of their colour or nationality? Or complaining that a Jewish wikipedia editor had links to the Anti-Defamation League? While Mr. Revolyob should probably have documented his permission to use the images on his User Page, I fail to see how this other random and unsubstantiated edits being made here are anything other than outright harassment by Perverted Justice!

Or is this a case of everyone at Wiki being equal, just some others being slightly more equal? I seem to recall this isn’t the first time sexual orientation was used to go outside the established procedures with regard to this person.

User:| 09:47, 20 September 2006 (UTC)I*Love*Green*Olives, Defending the Paederotic (Also being slammed in these recent attacks by Perverted Justice)

Oh and before any of the AZholes from AbsoluteZero get all excited, the IP number in my wikipedia comment is not my real one. Sorry to have disappointed you. Ditto to anyone from Perverted Justice.

Who are Perverted Justice?

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters
fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never
mention that part to us, do they?

George Carlin

Like I linked to in my comments on Wikipedia, those who run PeeJ have a history of indiscriminate harassment to anyone who disagrees with them. They have also been successful in hiding the truth behind their activities online; they do not seek to help, defend or protect children– they simply like hunting Paedophiles for sport. At first blush this might not seem to be an issue, but consider this: thirty years, maybe even only ten or fifteen years ago the same people who hunt Paedophiles for sport, would have been hunting ‘niggers’ for sport. These are the same ones who continue to attack gay and lesbian youth. They incite violence against people, who in some cases (like Rookiee’s) have broken no laws. Is this type of vigilantism and racketeering the type of behavior we as a society wish to promote?

Racketeering? Yes, certainly! Given that Perverted Justice makes money off their online ‘hacking’ and vigilantism, racketeering is definitely a accurate description! Finally there’s the political aspect of what has been going on. Rookie Revolyob was one of the first to expose the political games being played by Rikijo and John Powers. Their target? Congressman Kucinich. Given that it was Rookiee Revolyob who exposed Power’s pathetic attempt to smear the Congressman on his Libsyn podcast blog, is it any wonder he would be made a target?

It is quite clear Rookiee has made some powerful enemies who would dearly like to see him silenced; the question on people’s minds should be why do these people want to silence him so badly?

What has happened in this country which has made it illegal to discuss ideas?

Why is it considered immoral to merely discuss the laws as they now exist and if they are accomplishing what they were sold as intending to do?

Who will these enemies of public, free speech silence next?


Paedophilia and the Bible

26 08 2006

Where is Paedophilia mentioned?

Please, tell me!

I’d really love to see it in black and white.

I’ve seen God address many many things in the Bible. I’ve seen it written that clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, and shrimp are ‘abominations‘ seen God discuss in explict detail the care and cleaning of cum-stains, and chuckled helplessly as God explained the reason why latrines are a good idea. (HINT: no one wants to step in it.) I have sat open mouthed at the explict sexual violence depicted in the allegory of Ezekiel 23 and grinned at the biblical account of God’s plan to ‘moon’ his chosen people in the ‘day of their calamity’ and stood there perplexed as I read how God commanded a man to knowingly marry a whore in complete violation of his own laws.

On the other hand, I’ve also read where Lot gets drunk, has incest with both of his daughters on alternate evenings and for this he is considered a ‘righeteous man‘? Moses in the book of Numbers declares genocide against captives of war and tells the army to kill all the men and women, excepting only the young virginal girls. Later in Deuteronomy more explicit instructions are given, where God makes it clear he sees nothing wrong with making whores out of the captives of war and discarding them when bored of them.

An interesting thing to note about these two instances of scripture is the words used in describing these virgins relates to their way of walking… the way they ‘toddle’ making a clear age distinction here. Look it up, don’t take my word for it (as if anyone would!) get out your Strongs and Naves and check the words used. This is what so many Muslims are referring to when they say Judiasm supports Paedophilia, as well as their pointing to various clarifications of these rules in the Talmud where the age is spelled out as three years old(!) Then there’s the erotic descriptions of the Song of Solomon, where a love affair begins between an older man and a younger girl, evidenced by the way the girl’s brothers comment: “We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts[…]” Should I also add that in the book of Judges Samson’s father-in-law gives away his first wife to a friend and offers him the younger daughter, because she’s nicer looking?

Those few bits aside there is no explict mention of Paedophilia in the Bible. At ALL. In fact you could even say the combination of the passage n Numbers and the passage in Deuteronomy work out towards an endorsement of Nepiophilia… But there is seemingly no mention of this modern scourage that is classified as the ‘worst possible sin’ in the Bible. This horrid evil thing that kills souls gets no mention, and yet God makes the time to talk about how much he hates shellfish and shrimp. God manages to find time to explain how to clean the cum-stains off your clothes in the event of a wet dream, manages to explain he doesn’t like stepping in feces, and tell dirty stories about whoring sisters and their hung like a horse johns, yet He somehow fails to take the time out to talk about Paedophilia???

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” —GandhiLike I said above, I’m not looking to bash God, Christ or the Bible; I’d just like some serious put up or shut up time on this issue. If there is a scripture that specifically addressed the question of paedophilia I have yet to find it and I’ve been searching for it for a long time. Fornication? Why should that even be an issue if I were allowed to marry the girl of my dreams? Considering the ages at which people were married during biblical times I’d think it obvious the reason why there is no mention of Paedophilia is due to it being just another man-made stumbling block. Like women having to wear their hair a certain length and never allowed to go dancing. Or smoking or drinking. Covers used by modern day pharisees who make heavy burdens for others to bear while never making an effort to lift the burdens themselves!

I’m teachable–reasonable answers that fit withing God’s word and are met with two witnesses–but as it stands I’ve begun to lose hope of ever discovering a legitimate reason for Christianity to despise paedophiles as they do. Show me honestly, without word games that God has said Paedophilia is a sin and I will do my best to purge myself of it; as it stands however God seems to have not considered Paedophilia something to get upset over. And given the latest evidence has indicated Mary, mother of Jesus was likely between the ages of 12-15 who are we to argue with what God has so clearly endorsed?


Ohh, can’t anybody see…

15 08 2006

We’ve got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong

Storm.. in the morning light
I feel
No more can I say
Frozen to myself

I got nobody on my side
And surely that ain’t right
And surely that ain’t right

Ohh, can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong

How can it feel, this wrong
This moment
How can it feel, this wrong

Ohh, can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong
Portishead, Roads

Download and listen here, this is the smallest version of this song I could find, and yes the live performance sounds quite different compared to the album version. IMHO the album on songs better, but at least this way you can match the words with song! 🙂

* * ** * *
They don’t need to actually beat us. They just need to make us believe we’re already beaten, and we’ll quit fighting all on our own. One voice at a time. —Dylan Thomas
In the last two months has been quite a ride in the GLer community, especially so over at GirlChat, where the Save the Children donation fiasco has continued to rage on now for several weeks, even months! In that time we’ve had numerous new faces join the community and an unbelievable firestorm of controversy surrounding the departure of one of the community’s more highlighted figures. This has helped to somehow blind many of us to some of the more important changes in United States law which has occurred in that time. While the community has spent the past weeks engaged in gleeful infighting and purging we’ve had our enemies at the gates just as cheerfully sniping at us one by one…

In case anyone is still unclear as to what it is I refer to, wonder no more–it is of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, a sweeping legislation signed into law by President George W. Bush which will have adverse impact on everyone’s quality of life, much as the Patriot Act has had unforeseen consequences to many who supported it at the time. This new law could result in thousands of innocent people seeing jail time thanks to provisions like the one extending the statute of limitations, hundreds more innocent people could be harassed thanks to the new registration of sex offenders’ places of employment, and ironically enough may result in more harm to the very same children the law pledges to protect thanks to new prosecutorial discretion in sentencing children as adults!

I strongly suggest that everyone, Paederotic or not read the text of the law and if directly effected contact their lawyers to see exactly how these changes effect them. I recommend especially anyone whose religious beliefs are non-standard to investigate SEC. 131, the Immunity For Good Faith Conduct clause, which will remove any liability if some government official decides he or she doesn’t like your ideas of right or wrong and removes your children from your home. There is no recourse for you in that case. If you are suspected you will be treated as guilty until proven innocent with no recourse for your suffering later.

We have succeeded in silencing another pedophile. Because that is our goal here at Absolute Zero:

–Sues, hate group member

Stand up and be counted now, or by the time you are forced against the wall there will be none willing to speak for you. Consider all of you antis and bystanders who have been watching for ‘entertainment’ purposes as these debates rage on, where will you stand when the time comes and these laws are applied against you? Everyone else, please check out the post made by Absolutely Nothing’s newest member. He (she?) seems to have alot to say and Rookie’s PSA is certainly worth considering in light of these newer and more draconian laws being passed everyday…