Paedophilia and the Bible

26 08 2006

Where is Paedophilia mentioned?

Please, tell me!

I’d really love to see it in black and white.

I’ve seen God address many many things in the Bible. I’ve seen it written that clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, and shrimp are ‘abominations‘ seen God discuss in explict detail the care and cleaning of cum-stains, and chuckled helplessly as God explained the reason why latrines are a good idea. (HINT: no one wants to step in it.) I have sat open mouthed at the explict sexual violence depicted in the allegory of Ezekiel 23 and grinned at the biblical account of God’s plan to ‘moon’ his chosen people in the ‘day of their calamity’ and stood there perplexed as I read how God commanded a man to knowingly marry a whore in complete violation of his own laws.

On the other hand, I’ve also read where Lot gets drunk, has incest with both of his daughters on alternate evenings and for this he is considered a ‘righeteous man‘? Moses in the book of Numbers declares genocide against captives of war and tells the army to kill all the men and women, excepting only the young virginal girls. Later in Deuteronomy more explicit instructions are given, where God makes it clear he sees nothing wrong with making whores out of the captives of war and discarding them when bored of them.

An interesting thing to note about these two instances of scripture is the words used in describing these virgins relates to their way of walking… the way they ‘toddle’ making a clear age distinction here. Look it up, don’t take my word for it (as if anyone would!) get out your Strongs and Naves and check the words used. This is what so many Muslims are referring to when they say Judiasm supports Paedophilia, as well as their pointing to various clarifications of these rules in the Talmud where the age is spelled out as three years old(!) Then there’s the erotic descriptions of the Song of Solomon, where a love affair begins between an older man and a younger girl, evidenced by the way the girl’s brothers comment: “We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts[…]” Should I also add that in the book of Judges Samson’s father-in-law gives away his first wife to a friend and offers him the younger daughter, because she’s nicer looking?

Those few bits aside there is no explict mention of Paedophilia in the Bible. At ALL. In fact you could even say the combination of the passage n Numbers and the passage in Deuteronomy work out towards an endorsement of Nepiophilia… But there is seemingly no mention of this modern scourage that is classified as the ‘worst possible sin’ in the Bible. This horrid evil thing that kills souls gets no mention, and yet God makes the time to talk about how much he hates shellfish and shrimp. God manages to find time to explain how to clean the cum-stains off your clothes in the event of a wet dream, manages to explain he doesn’t like stepping in feces, and tell dirty stories about whoring sisters and their hung like a horse johns, yet He somehow fails to take the time out to talk about Paedophilia???

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” —GandhiLike I said above, I’m not looking to bash God, Christ or the Bible; I’d just like some serious put up or shut up time on this issue. If there is a scripture that specifically addressed the question of paedophilia I have yet to find it and I’ve been searching for it for a long time. Fornication? Why should that even be an issue if I were allowed to marry the girl of my dreams? Considering the ages at which people were married during biblical times I’d think it obvious the reason why there is no mention of Paedophilia is due to it being just another man-made stumbling block. Like women having to wear their hair a certain length and never allowed to go dancing. Or smoking or drinking. Covers used by modern day pharisees who make heavy burdens for others to bear while never making an effort to lift the burdens themselves!

I’m teachable–reasonable answers that fit withing God’s word and are met with two witnesses–but as it stands I’ve begun to lose hope of ever discovering a legitimate reason for Christianity to despise paedophiles as they do. Show me honestly, without word games that God has said Paedophilia is a sin and I will do my best to purge myself of it; as it stands however God seems to have not considered Paedophilia something to get upset over. And given the latest evidence has indicated Mary, mother of Jesus was likely between the ages of 12-15 who are we to argue with what God has so clearly endorsed?




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26 08 2006

Careful asshole, Insulting God can be cause for a lot of pain in the after life. OOh wait, With your lifestyle it won’t matter much…Continue with it if you wish, Christians are not like the Muslims. Your day will come.

27 08 2006

Where have I insulted God?


27 08 2006

Please then refer to the chapter and verse where Yahweh/Jehovah or a prophet speaking with his voice says that one may not take a child as a wife.

Furthermore, the Talmud actually allows premarital sex, provided the child is younger than nine. And according to Anglicans, Mary was nine.

Of course, modern populist Christians don’t read their own texts; they just cut and paste what serves their own interests.

The fucking ANTICHRIST (Friedrich Wilheim Nietzsche) had forgotten more about Christianity than most Bible-thumpers will ever learn.

27 08 2006


Wow! I thought I’d heard Mary’s age being given as nine once or twice but I was trying to be conservative in the age I used so as to make my point without offending anyone, so I used the other more ‘socially acceptable’ age instead. I guess that’s what I get for trying to appease the ignorant.

Of course, modern populist Christians don’t read their own texts; they just cut and paste what serves their own interests.

It’s actually a bit worse than that, these people are the ones who think Christianity is something one can be born into, thus making a mockery of the sacrifice Christ made on Calvary. Even worse still is how in their ignorance and by their actions they confirm for outsiders that people like Hitler are ‘Christians’ despite his horrific acts. Think I’m lying? Talk to some Jewish people and they’ll tell you with a straight face they think Hitler is a Christian. And people like Bushwack, all caught up in their hatred to be bothered with checking on what God had to say on things only serve to confirm those kinds of misconception….

Read the book people, don’t wait for the movie!


27 08 2006

I don’t see where you have insulted God at all.

The people who are constantly insulting God are the anti’s and their constant war of hatred.

The Bibles that I have (NIV and KJ) and the ones that we study in church all tell about the absolute LOVE that Jesus preached – and the fact that he was constantly praying for the redemption of sinners.

The actions of the blabbering anti’s tell me that not a one of them are hitting their knees at night and praying for blessings to be bestowed upon the pedophiles that they *hate* so much . . .

Nah – praying for people that we hate and that have “wronged” us – nope – that’s something that Jesus did – even while He was hanging and dying on the cross – and I just don’t see people like bushwack or the other gang of idiots doing much of His work . . .

nope – I don’t see it at all.

Jesus did *not* preach Hate – He did not *believe* in the power of Hate – no – the Jesus I read about and pray to preached LOVE – and – where there is LOVE there is simply no room for HATE.

I pray for the anti’s – that they see that their lives so filled with hate could be so much more if only they learned how to love.

I simply believe in the power of LOVE – because that’s what Jesus COMMANDS US TO DO – to love Him and to love each other.



28 08 2006

It sounds like this guy wasn’t entirely serious, anyway. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he actually does hate pedos and hebephiles…but if all he can make is a single judgmental moralistic insult, he hardly makes a case for his side. Other than to make right-wing Christians look as fanatical as their reputation.

28 08 2006

You see green olives your destiny is hell, and so it should be for every slimey pedophile!

30 08 2006

Well I’m not a ‘slimy pedophile’ and nor is he i believe. However i do believe that llorts fail to wash more than once every season and everyone for miles around thinks there’s a Jippo nearby.
I can certainly scent the whiff of a scoundrel…

19 09 2006

God told me he hates you and that you’re going to Hell, ILGO. just thought i’d let you know. good luck!

21 09 2006

“God” talks to you?!?


22 09 2006

yeah, God has Rez’ phone number… in that respect he’s like Andy Warhol… he talked to God too (well, at least had a phone that linked to God)

on topic: I’m going to hang on to this post. It makes the bible a bit more interesting… 🙂

Blessed be

23 09 2006


Direct your comments to myself and stay on topic or be deleted.


5 10 2006

You’re all idiots, God doesn’t exist.

-Rene Descartes

23 07 2007

well as far as i can tell the bible is clear that it not only is ok with sex between young people read the book of ruth chapter 4 it talks about this very clear she is a young woman. there are man refrences that the bible say its ok to rejoyce with the wife of thy youth young marrage is beautufl and natrual i cant wait till i meet my young bride

24 07 2007

I don’t think the author of this article is necessarily
saying anything against the Bible or making false
claims, but just asking questions.

We can all be egocentric and when we think of
paedophilia we think about it within our own
cultural contexts.

In some countries the age of consent is even 12
or under. And usually this is seen as acceptable
by the people of those cultures. Even in the USA,
if I have my facts straight, it was okay to have
sex with a 10 year old.

I think those laws should be changed.

I can’t go back in time to see exactly what it was
like but because we may see it as disgusting if
it was normal then and any one of us lived back
then we would probably see it as normal and not
talking about it like we are now.

Personally, I think sex with a 9 year old or some
young age like that is disgusting but sometimes
things are called paedophilia that in my opinion
shouldn’t be.

An adult having sex with a 11 year old for example,
and even an 11 year old having sex with another
11 year old is vile, may be utterly disgusting I don’t
think some adult no matter what age being in love
and loved back by, say, a 17 year old, is disgusting.

Why is sex with an eighteen year old legally acceptable
but if they are 17 all of a sudden you are a pervert?

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Note, I am not talking about premarital sex, which to
me is wrong anyway. I am talking about marriage. I
think two 17 year olds having sex is worse than a 37
year old and a 17 year old who are married having
sex. So I am talking about this within the context of

Who set the age of 18 and why is anyone under 18
a child? Is a 16 or 17 year old really a “child”? I thought
a child was someone who is prepubescent. Society seems
to be changing the meanings of words to their whims.

Shouldn’t it be up to the individual and family, and maybe
community, to judge whether or not someone is mature
enough to be wed out of concern for the welfare of someone?

Who is the government to stick their nose in peoples’
business and say, and encourage, sex among minors
BUT if a 17.5 year old marries someone who is 35 by
consent and has the family’s blessings and all that stuff
they will come in and say “statutory rape” and “you’re
in trouble mister because you are a pervert and we don’t
care that you were married and that it was consensual –
you’re going to jail!”

That’s B–l S–t!

Still, having sex with a 9 year old is pretty sick in
my view but equally sick is that we live in a world
where you have to go down to the age of 15 or 16
many times just to find a virgin and in some cultures
you have to go even lower than that.

I’m not really old enough to have a 16 year old daughter
but you can bet that if she were mature enough and
I knew she were capable of being married because
I know she is an exception and has a good head on her
shoulders I would rather have her manry, for example,
a 35 year old GOOD man that she loves if she wants
than a 17 year old piece of s–t.

Also, Lot was drunk when his daughters technically
raped him because of all the destruction they thought
they were the last people on earth. And for those cases
where those things happened, to my knowledge, God
is not condoning it.

Rape and fornication is clearly wrong in the Bible but
does there have to be “and God was pissed” after every
instance? Please give all the facts when you present
stuff like that to question. So if rape and fornication
is wrong it goes without saying that pedophilia is
wrong since that is the corruption and taking advantage
of a child and would be rape.

Not that I care, but take celebrities for example. You’ve
got Ashton Kutcher marrying Demi Moore who are about
16 years apart and many similar situations like that in
Hollywood, and while pedophilia would not apply in this
case I am using it to show how people even between these
two adults they have an opinion of it being so wrong
because they are 16 years apart. I say “Why give a damn?”

So, it’s no surprise that panties get in a bunch when an
over 18 gets together with someone under 18.

I’m about Ashton Kutcher’s age and if Demi Moore came
knocking and she had other qualities I’m looking for you
think I give a damn she’s 16 years older than me. Nope,
I’d be saying “Heeeey”. Who the hell cares.

People also often say what a sick book the Bible is and
they are irritating when they don’t give their facts straight
and take things out of context. It seems that when God
does clearly condemn something they conveniently miss it…
“And then God…”

Your idea of pedophilia may not be the idea of pedophilia
in Biblical times and so naturally it would not refer to
such in the same terms that you do and in different times
and cultures it was probably normal and a 15 year wouldn’t
necessarily be seen as a child. I wouldn’t doubt that 200
years ago the average 14 year old was sharper, stronger and
more mature and capable than the average 25 year old of today.

I must admit, that I sometimes am tempted toward a 17
year old since I am pretty sick of the way people are sexually
today and you have to go that young to “maybe” find someone
even semi-pure, although I would never even consider anyone
under 16 or 17, especially not from most western countries.

I don’t have all the answers but off the top of my head
what I have written is the way I see it.

One of my biggest regrets was about 1.5 years ago the girl
of my dreams came along and she seemed pure, she was
such a beautiful girl, 19, smart and intelligent, quick to
help, sweet and loved her family and she liked me a lot.

She got away because I never made it go to any next level.

She came along when I was having problems and was the
right girl at the wrong time. Figures. And I regret it most
because I will be hard pressed to ever find that again.

Anyway, give the author a break. She/he is just asking
questions and I don’t appreciate some of the so-called
Christians coming in here and embarrassing me, as a
Christian, by saying things like “you’re gonna burn in
hell asshole”. Grow up.

28 07 2007

This site validates many of the things I said
(although I DON’T agree with everything on it
and different parts of the site read like they
were written by different people)

I still say that in some cultures it wouldn’t be
wrong to be with a 15 year old or so. It’s wrong
to some because they look at it egocentrically
and many people have their lives ruined by dumb
asses who call anyone a pervert at the drop of
a hat and can’t adequately explain why they think
it’s wrong – they are just parroting and devoid
of the proper logic and/or critical thinking.

People’s lives are ruined over this crap which is
mostly just a problem, to my knowledge, in a
place like the USA. You could be ruined just
because someone doesn’t like you and falsely
accuses you or just because you saw a 16 year
old, even if you didn’t realize that was even the
age, and say something like, “ooh, look at that”

It’s insane.

What’s up with the magic number 18, anyway?

In some country where people are raised right,
made responsible, mature quickly and are not
spoiled is it wrong for a 15 year old to get married
even to someone who is 18 or older ( I say 18
because that’s the age where we set the bar but
it really means nothing)? I don’t think so and not
necessarily. It should be judged on an individual
basis. In other countries, likely mainly in the west
like the USA, would it be wrong? Probably. Because
the average western 15 year old is a MTV watching
little idiot who would get his little ass kicked,
outsmarted and outlived by a 8 year old from the
12th century.

How many people can say that their grandparents
or great grandparents (or even parents – yes even
that recently) hooked up when one was over 18 and
even way over while the other was under 18? More
than you might think and back then it was not a
problem – but today it is.


I’ve been afraid to talk about this in the past and say
what I really think but I am losing that fear. I am not
the only one who thinks this way but most are afraid
to admit it in horror of being lynched.

8 08 2007


People also often say what a sick book the Bible is and they are irritating when they don’t give their facts straight and take things out of context. It seems that when God does clearly condemn something they conveniently miss it… “And then God…”

Thank you for your comments. I hope you will continue to be a reader once I get internet connectivity again and am able to resume posting on a regular basis again. There was one thing you said that troubled me though, and I wanted to clarify a bit if I may?

In my post above I made reference to some of the more ‘shocking’ scriptures and point out where God has said things you and I might take offense at were it not the source, but no where did I mean to imply God’s approval in every instance wherein I quoted a verse. I apologize if you got that impression. The above post was in no way meant to be an attack on God, (despite how many of my enemies chose to take it that way.)

Rather, instead it was my main thesis that God (most unlike man) does not shy away from saying things when he has an opinion on something. Time after time he says his mind and makes time to comment on things even if he has to do so in a ‘by the way’ manner–yet he does not ONCE mention paedophilia to condemn it. The only explanation for this I can come up with is he simply does not consider paedophilia a sin, so long as it is within the marriage bed.

Sure, I imagine someone will pop in with the scripture about “harming the least of these” but they assume sex is harmful or inherently sinful. I say, let what God has consecrated no man put asunder! And given the accepted age (in the earliest accounts) of Mary, mother of Jesus it would appear to be clear God has blessed and consecrated it.


22 05 2008

Read Romans 1: 17-32, and Romans 2:1-2. Those passages illustrates why the world is like it is now and the consequences that must fall upon those who subscribe to and support such wickedness. These are the truths that need to be recognized and accepted.

Pedophilia is increasing because society has generally promoted, supported, and condoned forbidden ungodly sex of all types. The evil traits in man and woman are result of curses instead of blessings. Satan THE ACCUSER of mankind, makes man pay the full price.

THEREFORE, WE REAP WHAT WE SOW. These are areas that God condemns most in His Word. Man heaps coal upon the fire by reacting again, in anger, hate and revilement.

30 06 2008

You are all ignorant heathens having a debate about something that isn’t mentioned in scriptures. Has it ever occured to you that age is not what determines if the union is legit ? God has set boundaries which are called laws in which he forbit acts that are detesable to him. He created them male and female- I don’t remember God giving any age limitations as to at to what age is acceptable for marriage, 18, 15, 10, guss it doesn’t matter because it isn’t mentioned.

6 09 2008

God doesn’t forbid pedophilia because pedophilia is a modern day taboo, not a separate, distinct sin. If you define pedophilia as the forcing of a child, the sin is rape. If you define it as the seduction of a child, the sin is usually abandonment, because in God’s eyes, once a man and woman are joined physically, she becomes his wife. God says “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” (Hebrews 13:4)

So there you have it. God will not condemn sex within marriage, he calls it honorable. He only condemns illicit sexual activity, that which is outside marriage. God doesn’t care how old you are when you marry (witness Ezekiel 16!), and he doesn’t require a ceremony (witness Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah, Genesis 24)but he does command husbands to love their wives, and wives to honor their husbands, as spelled out in Ephesians 5. There can be no abuse in such a relationship.

27 10 2008

Think about it… Are you playing with my timely data Do you want a joke? 🙂 What do you call an artificial stone? A shamrock.

13 12 2008


2 08 2009

All this religious debating is a waste of time. When it comes to se xwith young girls, a ripe 7yo pussy is pleasurable and if you are gentle she doesn’t suffer.

Now the 5yo did scream out on deep penetration but hey ho, what ya gonna do!

The time I bent a 8yo boy over and took him hard, not a peep – and I pounded when I came. He returned several times and willingly gave himself to my manhood, my pleasure. was it so wrong.

Even the 4yo niece enjoys sucking till I cum and she swallows hapily. Might have to take her cherry…..

2 08 2009

Ethan – you are an eye opener. i declare maself married to my niece. I’m gonna pump her plump pussy!

2 08 2009

Oh my God – Crazyman’s comments are so sick but turned me on. as I’m sitting my granddaughter for the weekend (who’s 7) I’ll give it a go. She’s reading all this with me and laughing.

Hey Becky…get undressed lol we’re going to play mommas and poppas and I’m going to have sex with you.

2 08 2009

Experience shows that most pleasure is gained sodomising a young boy BUT a young vagina is very enjoyable.

Becky, you be good for grand daddy!

I’m going to do my 11yo son right now

27 12 2012

Society has failed itself by allowing you mistakes to procreate. You poor sick animals should all be put down.

31 07 2013
a christian child

God does not specifically talk about pedophilia that I have read. But, He does say any immoral sex is a sin . Basically anything outside of marriage. leviticus 18 :6 “No one is to approach any close relative to have sexual relations. I am the Lord. Actually the whole chapter is about sexual sin. And if you cannot legally get married than yes it is a sin in Gods eyes. Sex is a beautifulthing between a husband and a wife.

31 07 2013
a christian child

Apon reading your comments i pray for thoes children. You have no idea what mental torture you are putting them through. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. You should all be penis less!!! Lord help these men see through your eyes. And spare these children the agony of not knowing the difference between love and sex. Let them see who they are to you. Not just a toy for a man to use. In Jesus name amen.

31 07 2013
a christian child

Oh and by the way God also tells us to abide in the laws of the land we live in. Pay unto Cesar what is owed to Cesar. Also he commands us to be pure and not live the way they live but to heed to a higher law. Do not do as they do in the land of Canaan, where I am bringing you. Do not follow their practices. Live by their laws. If there is a tax then pay it. If there is an age limit then you living in that land need to respect it and abide in it as well. And here there is an age set so yes you are indeed sinning. I do hope this sheds light on what you do. I am no saint either for all have sinned and fall short of the glory if God. But as a redeemed christian Jesus has taken that of which I was and made it as far as the east is from the west. But in order to have that happen you must humble yourself and repent. Meaning not only apologize for your sin and ask for forgiveness but to turn from your old ways or the sin you have committed.

31 07 2013
a christian child

FOR WHO SO EVER LOVES HIS LIFE WILL LOSE IT.BUT WHO SO EVER LOSES HIS LIVE WILL GAIN IT. Forgiveness is free but to be saved is costly. You lose your life and will to God. You let Gods will be your life. And if your not living by Gods will then you are living in sin and away from God. I could keep writing and quoting scripture but I think I have said enough. The flesh is a hard thing to give up and I have to admit I am glad I did. For the peace I now have and the joy I now feel. Do not mistaken Joy for happiness though. I pray that all of you who read this will see how much in need of a savior we all are. For the wage of sin is death. Now I ask you if you were to die tomorrow would you go to heaven or hell? Are you without sin? And if you are not. Do you seek God daily? Do you do His will or your own? Or do you do what you think is his will without knowledge of what that is? Good bye all. And i truely pray for you. Even though the flesh of me wishes you all will suffer its not my place to judge or condemn. So I say this prayer with a humble heart hoping that even one person will listen and give their life to God. Dear Lord I ask that you open the eyes and hearts of all that visit this site so that they will see themselves through your eyes and see the error of their ways. That they turn from their sins how ever many or little they be and get to know you and who you are. To have an intimate relationship with you and have the joy and peace you bring. Lord only you have the power to open the eyes of the blind. Please let them be open and truely see you. In Jesus name amen. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy ghost.Amen Let your will be done and not the will of man.

1 08 2013
a christian child

Ok so I know I said I was done but wanted to address the reason for this blog. Ezekiel 23. This is a depiction of Samaria and Jerusalem. Actually it tells a story more about Egypt and Jerusalemand how even though the Jews were set free from slavery they were still living as if in Egypt. Oholah meaning “her tent” and Oholibah meaning “my tent is in her”. These 2 women never existed. They were a story told by God to show how the Jewish people were living their lives and how detestable it was to Him. Much like the way Nathan told King David the story of 2 men, one rich and one poor, to show him his sin he commited. And how Jesus spoke about the word of God in parables. See also Ex. 17:3; Num 11:5, 18-20; 14:2-4;21:5. And with Hosea. “the man that married a whore” He lived in the final days of the northern kingdom. 6 kings following Jeroboam reigned within25 years. Zechariah, Shallum, Pekahiah, Pekah were all murdered. Hosea was captured in battle. Menahem was succeeded by his son. These kings were given to Israel by God in anger and taken away in wrath. Hosea had 3 children. Jazreel meaning God scattered. Lo-Ruhamah meaning not pitied. Lo-Ammi meaning not my people. This is all symbolic to Gods relationship with Jerusalem and their rebellion against God. As for Lot. He was never said to be righteous for the incest or drunkenness, nor were his daughters. He left Sodom and Gomorrah with only his daughters and his wife was turned into a pillar of salt. Now his daughters took advantage of him while he was drunk thinking it was the inly way to carry on the family line. Now even with that aside their children they bore were ancestors to the Moabites and Ammonites. These 2 nations which became bitter and enemies of Abrahams decendants. God’s chosen people. Ugh I cant quite remember but I know its in Genesis when God tells Abram (before he became Abraham) I think that he will punish the generations by the hundreds for their parents sins but bless them by the thousands for their righteousness. Like I said I think it was before the name changed but don’t quite remember. But anyway. No sin goes unpunished in Gods hands. He may not take an angry hand right away but he ALWAYS punishes those who go against his will. As for the rest of the things that you don’t understand on the bible and where God stands I have to research more but having a full time job and being a mother and church and all I will try to get back as quick as I can. This site truely brought light to my eyes about why people will do what they do though and I thank you and God for the opportunity I have been given to shed light on this. For I have seen first hand what it does to a childs emotional state to be had by someone they love and trust. May God open your eyes to see the torture you can bring.

3 08 2013
a christian child

I noticed you said you did not imply God approving every quote you made. Well, it does seem to come across that way. Also look up the practice of a jewish marriage. They have 3 stages on marriage. One is the kiddushin this is usually done by the time a female reached 3yo. This was done by her family mostly the brothers. This is what we know as a betrothal. Where she is engaged. Why the brothers in songs of solomon say she hath no breasts. It was their duty to make sure she stay pure for her wedding and does not fall in love with another man. Then after her first mikev the bathing ritual after she menstrual cycle, they go get her soon to be husband. They, her and fiance, meet. Most likely for the first time. He gives her a token, piece of jewelry or coin, if she accepts it they make a contract. What we call a prenuptial agreement. They both sign it and if she is willing they have sex.This process is called ketubah. She is now married. Then he leaves her at her home and builds a home for the 2 of them. This usually takes a year. After the house is ready he goes back and retrieves her from her family. A party and feast is thrown and this last part of the marriage is called nisuin. Now they live together as husband and wife, becoming one flesh. Notice that for the first year of marriage the 2 dont live together. Also if you read vs 10 on songs of solomon you will see how it

3 08 2013
a christian child

My phone is not working that great and I wrote more but it did not post. If you really want to know at what age or time that a female is considered to be able to have sex look up Ezekiel 16. Verses 7-8 depict the age at which she can love or have sex. Also toddle is not in the bible. Believe me I LOOKED.

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