Why didn’t they make toys like this when I was a kid?

1 02 2007

Legos You Wish You Had!

I figure since the wonderful folks at Acme Cleaning Services have selected me as their next target, (along with Poet and Author Viamund The Rake apparently..) I may as well have some fun!

I have made a report on the situation to Google\Blogger though:

These bloggers (and others as well) have been waging a war of harassment against me and other bloggers not for TOS violations but because they dislike what we have to say. The Acme Cleaning Services people have requested that all their readers flag my blog as having been in violation and claiming that I (and others) have broken the law simply for exercising our first amendment rights. I am concerned that Google\Blogger will simply delete my blog in order to make the people flagging my blog go away.

Please tell these people they to stop cyber-stalking me using Blogger.com!

Please tell them to stop spreading lies and false allegations against me while inciting people to make false reports about my blog!


Owner of:

We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out. Needless to say I’ve already backed up my posts and am ready to repost much of my writing should that become necessary. I refuse to be silenced by way of libel and slanderous lies, when the alternative is to speak up and make good use of the attention about to come my way. Perhaps one of the many sheeple who will be showing up to flag my blog on the say-so of my enemies will take the time to actually read what I’ve written and see there is more to this than they’ve been led to believe. That’s the secret you know– every time our foes attempt to silence us all they really do in the end is grant us publicity and add to our numbers –it happens every time.

You cannot silence me without my consent and I DO NOT GIVE IT.

–I*Love*Green*Olives (feeling strangely invigorated)



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