So Why Target Rookiee?

3 01 2007

Rookiee: So what do you think the future of …paedophile online broadcasting is gonna bring us?

Guest #2: Uh, after this show, very little!

[All participants laugh]
Pedologues, Episode 25 (roughly) at 04:53

Rookiee Revolyob, host of the popular podcast Pedologues finally pulled his talk show some few weeks ago.

He had managed to hold strong in the face of a concerted effort to slander and libel his efforts for some time, withstood intimidation and threats of public exposure for speaking his opinions and inviting others to do the same. He even had a open invitation for anyone who’d debate with him on the show to do so, stating his hopes to provide a public forum for discussion on all sides of the Paedophilia issue each time he issued the long standing invitation. To my knowledge none of the cowards who attacked him ever took him up on the invitation, despite the several appearances he made to well known podcasts and forums under their control.

Cowards? Why not, for by their actions they can be nothing more!

Instead of debating him on the issues at stake, they slandered and libeled him. Rather than go on the record, they attempted to silence with fear and intimidation. When legal threats were not enough and publically lynching him in effigy ‘outing’ him was not enough, they did what they always do–attack the innocent.

It was only when people who had no affiliation to him were being attacked that Rookiee pulled the plug.

So it has always been for those who seek to save the children.

The question that is left haunting me is one I’ve heard asked time after time since this entire thing began.

Why Rookiee?

Why Pedologues?

What was it about this one man and his little podcast that frightened the likes of Perverted Justice to the point they would throw their entire weight against him like they have?

Awakening Awareness

Much of the answer has to do with the state of the current childlove community itself. For the most part, the community online is very small because only a fraction of Paedophiles and Childlovers are active in it. I firmly believe the showing we currently see is only a fraction of the size of the true community; the rest simply aren’t aware yet.

Many aren’t even aware they themselves are Paedophiles, and the ones who do recognize this in themselves think they’re ‘the only good one’ because they aren’t out raping kids, the way the media tells them ‘all the other’ paedophiles do.

No one who loves children is going to seek out enclaves of rapists.

No one who loves children is going to go in search of a website that tells how to abuse or rape the very ones they love.

Most Paedophiles and Childlovers are no smarter or stupider than the rest of the populace. If they constantly read about, hear about, and are told about the online community as being nothing but a bunch of rapists, they will never seek that community out. Our enemies know this. So should we.

Think back to Rookiee’s mission statement for Pedologues again; his stated hope and desire to take those conversations we already have among ourselves in our little communities and place them out in the ether so people who wouldn’t normally read our words would have a chance to hear our voices in another way.

Time after time I’ve queued up a Pedologues episode and found myself listening to others discussing the very same things I’d read about on one of the forums only a few days before. Many times I found myself disagreeing with a guest or even with Rookiee himself—but just as many times more I’ve nodded my head enthusiastically and said to myself ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is!’ Listening to people discussing these types of issues, the same types of things we have always discussed among ourselves was a reinforcement of the message I was not alone.

It was also a breakout from the ‘Childlove Ghetto’ and something that sent the Antis into a frenzy. Pedologues wasn’t a website they could condemn and slander, it was an audio file that anyone could listen to and see for themselves. There were no pictures involved in its display, no possibility of videos embedded into its content. Unlike a website, there was no reason to fear illegal action simply by loading it. Worse it was a podcast, part of a new online community created specifically for the purpose of allowing everyone to express their opinions. Freedom of Speech wasn’t something theoretical to these people; it was the thesis behind their existence!

So the only way the Antis could take down Pedologues was to act hard and fast. They needed to not only get Rookiee off the air, they needed to make sure they hit him everywhere at once… Who knew what would happen if this kind of thing caught on??

Welcome to the Echo Chamber!

Sadly enough, any of us could have done what Rookiee did and gotten the same kind of attention. The Childlove community is small. Rookiee was pulling aside the curtain on who we are and what we really talk about together. The biggest thing Rookiee had going for him? He knew how to make the episodes somewhat professional sounding. He was reasonably competent at his work.

The Antis don’t expect us to have any ability whatsoever. Neither does the average media consumer who has been told repeatedly that we are failed human beings, unable to do anything beyond search for illegal pictures and masturbate. As such any display of competence on our part catches them off guard. They will always see such displays as ‘exceptions which prove the rule’ rather than admit they could be wrong about us.

Time after time I’ve queued up Pedologues… and said ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is!’

Want to be famous in the Childlove community? Start a podcast. Sure, you won’t have been the first in the field anymore—that’s an honor no one can take away from Rookiee—but there’s no shame in being second here. Or third. Or even fourth and fifth at this point. The importance is in getting our voices out there, in breaking free from the Childlove Ghetto.

All it takes is being reasonably competent.

All you have to do is exceed the expectations of the Antis…. Easy! Most of us do that simply by getting up and going to work every day!


Political Prisoners

16 05 2006

What do you call it when someone is jailed without access to a lawyer, secluded contact from fellow inmates, and held indefinitely pending their willingness to perjure testimony in a legal case? No this is not a situation happening in Iran or whatever the newest axis on the trinity of evil is this week, this is a case occurring in America’s back yard. When a fourteen year old girl refused to appear in court for where she is the material witness the state prosecutor and judge presiding over the case decided she needed protection when their case against her boyfriend fell apart. Furious that the boyfriend in question, twenty year old Galo Sanchez-Pesantes was released for lack of evidence, Common Pleas Judge James Murphy (picture to the left) attempted to have the girl the supposed victim of a crime sent to juvenile detention for refusing to cooperate. According to court papers written by Juvenile Court Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio, (photo to the right,) federal law prohibits the detention of juveniles who are not accused of a crime. She blocked the move stating she could not legally hold the girl. Unwilling to be deterred by mere mortal law, the Supreme Being also known as Judge James Murphy ordered the fourteen year old girl to be held indefinitely in an adult facility. That was the Wednesday of last week, since then the girl has been held at the Summit County Jail where she has been in isolation. The brave girl has requested to speak with a lawyer, a fact documented by court papers but Jail Captain Steve Finical has confirmed local prosecutors refused anyone to see her.

The case first started back in January of this year when the boyfriend of the girl’s mother claims to have seen the two on a couch. She denied having sex and has steadfastly refused to write a statement for police. The situation has the boyfriend’s defense attorneys confused at the actions of Prosecutor Mary Ann Kovach. “I’m puzzled that prosecutors want to go forward with this when they have a witness saying she didn’t have sex with this man. It seems to me they’re holding her to coerce her testimony. Frankly, I think she’s being illegally held.” Brouse said.

The other attorney continued in this same vein. “When you take a child and put her in jail and deny her access to counsel because she refuses to be labeled a material witness, essentially it’s an abuse of power,” Folk said. “I don’t think the state has the right to put a 14-year-old in jail without due process. And in this case, there has been no due process.”

“She said no, nothing happened [..] and she said she told that to everyone, but no one wanted to listen,” Brouse agreed.

Despite blocking the first attempt to imprison the girl, Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio has gone silent on the matter and has not returned any phone calls.

A message was left with his Holiness, Supreme Pontiff James Murphy by way of his bailiff but his holiness is above the mundane things of mortals and has also chosen not to comment.

The girl’s mother could not be reached for comment but since this is the same mother who called police and had them take the teen into custody, this should not be a surprise.

The only one willing to speak to the media on the issue besides the defense team was Chief Prosecutor of the case, Mary Ann Kovach who defended their atrocious actions with the feeble defense: “[We need to hold her] so that she is not on the streets where we can’t find her or she’s doing things she shouldn’t be doing. It’s better for her to be confined,” she concluded.

Sanchez-Pesantes, though free on bond is required to appear before the Lord of Creation James Murphy this Tuesday morning for pretrial proceedings now that the state has its primary witness in custody again. Bottom line? The unidentified fourteen year old is little more than a political pawn. The only reason why Kovach is getting away with this is because as legal property of her mother the girl is unable to exercise her rights. Even the negative rights so many antis are so fond of discussing, such as the right to be free from coercion have been taken away from her. I think this whole situation is disgusting! What say ye?

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–I*Love*Green*Olives (hoping this girl gets her physical freedom without sacrificing her mental freedom)