So Why Target Rookiee?

3 01 2007

Rookiee: So what do you think the future of …paedophile online broadcasting is gonna bring us?

Guest #2: Uh, after this show, very little!

[All participants laugh]
Pedologues, Episode 25 (roughly) at 04:53

Rookiee Revolyob, host of the popular podcast Pedologues finally pulled his talk show some few weeks ago.

He had managed to hold strong in the face of a concerted effort to slander and libel his efforts for some time, withstood intimidation and threats of public exposure for speaking his opinions and inviting others to do the same. He even had a open invitation for anyone who’d debate with him on the show to do so, stating his hopes to provide a public forum for discussion on all sides of the Paedophilia issue each time he issued the long standing invitation. To my knowledge none of the cowards who attacked him ever took him up on the invitation, despite the several appearances he made to well known podcasts and forums under their control.

Cowards? Why not, for by their actions they can be nothing more!

Instead of debating him on the issues at stake, they slandered and libeled him. Rather than go on the record, they attempted to silence with fear and intimidation. When legal threats were not enough and publically lynching him in effigy ‘outing’ him was not enough, they did what they always do–attack the innocent.

It was only when people who had no affiliation to him were being attacked that Rookiee pulled the plug.

So it has always been for those who seek to save the children.

The question that is left haunting me is one I’ve heard asked time after time since this entire thing began.

Why Rookiee?

Why Pedologues?

What was it about this one man and his little podcast that frightened the likes of Perverted Justice to the point they would throw their entire weight against him like they have?

Awakening Awareness

Much of the answer has to do with the state of the current childlove community itself. For the most part, the community online is very small because only a fraction of Paedophiles and Childlovers are active in it. I firmly believe the showing we currently see is only a fraction of the size of the true community; the rest simply aren’t aware yet.

Many aren’t even aware they themselves are Paedophiles, and the ones who do recognize this in themselves think they’re ‘the only good one’ because they aren’t out raping kids, the way the media tells them ‘all the other’ paedophiles do.

No one who loves children is going to seek out enclaves of rapists.

No one who loves children is going to go in search of a website that tells how to abuse or rape the very ones they love.

Most Paedophiles and Childlovers are no smarter or stupider than the rest of the populace. If they constantly read about, hear about, and are told about the online community as being nothing but a bunch of rapists, they will never seek that community out. Our enemies know this. So should we.

Think back to Rookiee’s mission statement for Pedologues again; his stated hope and desire to take those conversations we already have among ourselves in our little communities and place them out in the ether so people who wouldn’t normally read our words would have a chance to hear our voices in another way.

Time after time I’ve queued up a Pedologues episode and found myself listening to others discussing the very same things I’d read about on one of the forums only a few days before. Many times I found myself disagreeing with a guest or even with Rookiee himself—but just as many times more I’ve nodded my head enthusiastically and said to myself ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is!’ Listening to people discussing these types of issues, the same types of things we have always discussed among ourselves was a reinforcement of the message I was not alone.

It was also a breakout from the ‘Childlove Ghetto’ and something that sent the Antis into a frenzy. Pedologues wasn’t a website they could condemn and slander, it was an audio file that anyone could listen to and see for themselves. There were no pictures involved in its display, no possibility of videos embedded into its content. Unlike a website, there was no reason to fear illegal action simply by loading it. Worse it was a podcast, part of a new online community created specifically for the purpose of allowing everyone to express their opinions. Freedom of Speech wasn’t something theoretical to these people; it was the thesis behind their existence!

So the only way the Antis could take down Pedologues was to act hard and fast. They needed to not only get Rookiee off the air, they needed to make sure they hit him everywhere at once… Who knew what would happen if this kind of thing caught on??

Welcome to the Echo Chamber!

Sadly enough, any of us could have done what Rookiee did and gotten the same kind of attention. The Childlove community is small. Rookiee was pulling aside the curtain on who we are and what we really talk about together. The biggest thing Rookiee had going for him? He knew how to make the episodes somewhat professional sounding. He was reasonably competent at his work.

The Antis don’t expect us to have any ability whatsoever. Neither does the average media consumer who has been told repeatedly that we are failed human beings, unable to do anything beyond search for illegal pictures and masturbate. As such any display of competence on our part catches them off guard. They will always see such displays as ‘exceptions which prove the rule’ rather than admit they could be wrong about us.

Time after time I’ve queued up Pedologues… and said ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is!’

Want to be famous in the Childlove community? Start a podcast. Sure, you won’t have been the first in the field anymore—that’s an honor no one can take away from Rookiee—but there’s no shame in being second here. Or third. Or even fourth and fifth at this point. The importance is in getting our voices out there, in breaking free from the Childlove Ghetto.

All it takes is being reasonably competent.

All you have to do is exceed the expectations of the Antis…. Easy! Most of us do that simply by getting up and going to work every day!


Ohh, can’t anybody see…

15 08 2006

We’ve got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong

Storm.. in the morning light
I feel
No more can I say
Frozen to myself

I got nobody on my side
And surely that ain’t right
And surely that ain’t right

Ohh, can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong

How can it feel, this wrong
This moment
How can it feel, this wrong

Ohh, can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never found our way
Regardless of what they say

How can it feel, this wrong
From this moment
How can it feel, this wrong
Portishead, Roads

Download and listen here, this is the smallest version of this song I could find, and yes the live performance sounds quite different compared to the album version. IMHO the album on songs better, but at least this way you can match the words with song! 🙂

* * ** * *
They don’t need to actually beat us. They just need to make us believe we’re already beaten, and we’ll quit fighting all on our own. One voice at a time. —Dylan Thomas
In the last two months has been quite a ride in the GLer community, especially so over at GirlChat, where the Save the Children donation fiasco has continued to rage on now for several weeks, even months! In that time we’ve had numerous new faces join the community and an unbelievable firestorm of controversy surrounding the departure of one of the community’s more highlighted figures. This has helped to somehow blind many of us to some of the more important changes in United States law which has occurred in that time. While the community has spent the past weeks engaged in gleeful infighting and purging we’ve had our enemies at the gates just as cheerfully sniping at us one by one…

In case anyone is still unclear as to what it is I refer to, wonder no more–it is of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, a sweeping legislation signed into law by President George W. Bush which will have adverse impact on everyone’s quality of life, much as the Patriot Act has had unforeseen consequences to many who supported it at the time. This new law could result in thousands of innocent people seeing jail time thanks to provisions like the one extending the statute of limitations, hundreds more innocent people could be harassed thanks to the new registration of sex offenders’ places of employment, and ironically enough may result in more harm to the very same children the law pledges to protect thanks to new prosecutorial discretion in sentencing children as adults!

I strongly suggest that everyone, Paederotic or not read the text of the law and if directly effected contact their lawyers to see exactly how these changes effect them. I recommend especially anyone whose religious beliefs are non-standard to investigate SEC. 131, the Immunity For Good Faith Conduct clause, which will remove any liability if some government official decides he or she doesn’t like your ideas of right or wrong and removes your children from your home. There is no recourse for you in that case. If you are suspected you will be treated as guilty until proven innocent with no recourse for your suffering later.

We have succeeded in silencing another pedophile. Because that is our goal here at Absolute Zero:

–Sues, hate group member

Stand up and be counted now, or by the time you are forced against the wall there will be none willing to speak for you. Consider all of you antis and bystanders who have been watching for ‘entertainment’ purposes as these debates rage on, where will you stand when the time comes and these laws are applied against you? Everyone else, please check out the post made by Absolutely Nothing’s newest member. He (she?) seems to have alot to say and Rookie’s PSA is certainly worth considering in light of these newer and more draconian laws being passed everyday…


A Rather Overdue Post…In Three Parts

10 05 2006

The Experience Fallacy (Or ‘When I Was Your Age…’ Exposed)

I blogged about the unfortunate reaction that my friend Ella has been getting from her blog a few days ago. Since she is under the age of eighteen, predictably people have begun to come out of the landscape insisting that due to her age she cannot possibly have an opinion on the big issues. Not a valid one at any rate.

Thankfully some of them have since then started to reconsider their positions—at least as far as trying to pretend Ella is unable to have her own opinions on youth rights. They still believe that her Paederotic friends aren’t capable of being real friends to her because of our orientations. One wonders what their opinions would be on the subject if Ella had made her way to Boy Chat and was spending her time talking with them about the boys her own age she liked? This is assuming that Ella is into boys, but I’m not about to speculate on that land mine—I know all too well what the act of assumption does and have little desire to be an ass. I just think it amusing to speculate on the arguments our opponents would use in that case, since the BoyChat members would obviously have no interest in getting in to her pants. Wrong gender for one.. ;P

Still this whole thing highlights one of the major absurdities of the allegations levied against us. For sure, a person with a orientation towards young girls is going to find them attractive and pleasing to the eyes and pleasant company to be around. Just as a male heterosexual would find being around women to be attractive and pleasing to the eyes, pleasant company to be around. Yet we do not go around and declare that it is impossible for men and women to be able carry on conversations with each other. Obviously there are going to be differences in the experiences of a sixteen year old as compared to a twenty-seven year old. Or say to a fifty year old? Just as there are going to be differences between a sixteen year old and a twelve year old. Or between a man and a woman. The experiences that a white woman has are going to be different than that of a black man. There will be differences in perspective between an American and a Russian, a Frenchman and an English woman. Chances are that it will be difficult to relate two people from the exact same city or town who have lived all their lives in the same neighborhood together! Yet very few of us would arbitrarily declare it impossible for intelligent conversation to take place between any of these groups. What makes the Paederotic so special in this regard?

Yet one of the most common arguments our opponents use when accusing us of bad intentions is to ask ‘What could a grown man of [insert age in digits here] have to talk about with a child?’ Oh let me count the ways… Some of us recall our childhood very vividly. We remember the hazing the exclusions the crushing feelings of being all alone. It would have been nice if someone had been able to reasure us that life does get better. The people you know in High School you’ll likely never see again until your reunion in ten twenty years. Some of us are artistically inclined, and enjoy discussing the arts with someone just discovering their talents for the first time. Others among us have hobbies that they thankfully never quite outgrew, such as being members of an anime club and as such love to discuss their favorite anime series with others. Maybe they’re into sports? Or they have a common interest in acting and like to discuss Shakespeare. Our opponents insist that children are ignorant of these things and so cannot have intelligent discussions, rather than mentoring children in shared interest as was once done.

Another great fallacy I see repeated time and again is the “When I was your age…” an argument that assumes that all times and situations are the same. They’re not. What may have been true for you when you were a child is no longer necessarily true for those entering their teens now. There is an unsurmountable gulf that occurs in the translation when you try to base current events off of experiences that happened to you ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Your memories are not a substitute for reality as today’s youth experience it. The map changes constantly and what works for one will not work for another. Worse, memory is a faulty mechanism for storing experience, because its like a VCR tape, it gets warped by the act of remembering. The same experience can be at times humiliating, hilarious, and depressing depending upon what state you yourself are in when playing them back. A raw break up can be humiliating at first when it happens— then depressing as you deal with the pangs of loneliness— and finally hilarious some years later when recalled in a social situation with friends who also suffered bad breakups. Furthermore, since the chemical balance of the body fluctuates over time, the composition of testosterone, adrenaline, and other emotion and mood altering chemicals skews the possibility of correctly recalling the situation later.

To develop this point further, it is common for an adult to tell a child, as if handing down wisdom from on high, that they aren’t able to understand a thing now, but they will once they are themselves older. What these adults lose sight of is that just as we grow into understanding we also grow into ignorance of what true childhood was like. Some of us are more in touch with our childhood than others, Bill Watterson anyone? Charles Shultz? There is a reason why Calvin and Hobbes and the Peanut gang were so powerful, it was because the artists behind them remembered childhood and were able to evoke enough of the memory to make us recall it also— as it was, not as we wished it to be! So next time you’re tempted to make this argument, please try to remember that just as there are things in our experiences that change about us as we gain in experience, there are also things that we lose in the process. The gulf of understanding is not as so many like to pretend solely a one way street from them to us, it is also from us to them.

On Inevitability (Or How to Create a Self-Fullfilling Prophecy)

One of the biggest challenges our community faces and must meet head on or be destroyed by is the lie that we are condemned to be controlled by our attractions. An odd dichotomy develops from this assumption and shows up when our opponents tell us to ‘Get Help!’ whilst insisting our future career as a rapist is inevitable. They call us ticking time bombs and insist even if we do get help we will still become the monsters the fear because we have ‘uncontrollable’ urges. As a direct result each year hundreds of young people with no hope will attempt suicide and some of them will succeed. All because these young pedophiles were told their feelings will unavoidibly turn them into serial child rapists. Sadly far too many of you would say in genocidal harshness ‘Good riddance!’ And yet there is the objection to being called genocidal—yet what else would you call a those who advocates the murder of an entire class of people?

Most scientist now accept that sexual orientation begins at a very young age. There is still some debate on exactly what age and the debate rages on to whether orientation is a choice, a result of genetic and or physical changes in the brain as it develops, or some other unknown factor. Interestingly enough the self-actualized pedophile will tell you his or her realization of attractions to younger children itself occurred at a young age. Logically this means right now, at this moment there are hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers discovering their attractions for the first time. And the thoughts running through their heads are wondering how long it will be before they inevitability molest a child. Some of them are already making their first attempt at suicide because of this. Others are ruthlessly suppressing their feelings and will become raging Child Advocates while mercilessly whipping themselves where no one can see until they have in their guilt forged a scarlet letter of their own— while others will make the journey to self-discovery and eventually reach the insight that an orientation is not a crime, it is not an act of violence nor is it a sin— orientation just is; breaking the law is the crime, molesting a child the act of violence, exploiting someone for their personal gratification is the sin.

This is the hardest part of self-actualization. It may be painful to admit to a taboo orientation, it may be hard to accept that you’re one of the hated few but the toughest, most painful insightful is when you realize that you’ve been lied to and you are not, do not have to become a bad person. That you are not made a monster by default. That you are not a rapist by default.

Sadly many pedophiles never come to this realization. Worse many of those who have been sent to those jokes the government likes to call Sexual Offender Treatment programs are actually forced to accept the ideology of inevitability in order to be able to leave prison! Many of those who have come out of SOT programs have told of being made to confess to things they didn’t do as well as attempting to brainwash them. Horror stories are told of being held accountable for a mystic rape by way of a photograph. Sorcerous abilities to molest figments of the imagination have been reported as crimes in some places when a man is arrested for sexually explicit stories that have harmed no one. The end result is that many people have been conditioned to fail.

For Their Own Good: The Minor as a Sex Offender

And here is where we loop back to the beginning of this post. Increasingly we have begun to see the criminalization of childhood sex play—even between minors of the same age! Time was, we wouldn’t have batted an eye over that old childhood game ‘I’ll show you mine, If you’ll show me yours‘ but in these sad days it blasphemy! Heretical to even speculate that children might be sexual beings from birth! To acknowledge that there is no pathology in sex but that which is placed from without! ‘Obscenity!’ Our opponents screech belligerently as they insist to not be bothered with the facts, ‘They’ve already made up their mind and they know what they know.’ And it seems they know sex is dirty, disgusting and only necessary for the reproduction of the human race. With these types of attitudes is it any surprise the western world is suffering the lowest population growth of all time?

The end result? We have in the United States the previously mention Leah DuBuc case, as well as many many other children, the very ones that our opponents claim they seek to protect enrolled as sex offenders! How can this be? I thought we were told repeatedly childhood is a time of innocence! The child is in themselves incapable of sexual thoughts! How can we have children who are sex offenders?!? How is this possible?

How can a fifteen year old girl be charged for creating webcam videos and photos of herself with the laughably insane charge of abuse of a minor? Are we to understand that she is guilty of self-abuse? What gives us the right to ruin the lives of others simply because they do not conform to the standards of childhood we have imposed? What of six year-old boy was suspended for alleged sexual harassment? How about the thirteen year old Utah girl–a teen mom now also a sex offender because her boy friend was a year younger than herself? There are hundreds of cases like those being sent through the so called criminal ‘justice’ system every day! And who sits at judgment at these cases? Do we truly have a jury trial of peers for these children? Assuming that their cases ever go to trial are they charged as the children they are or do we expect them to be tried as adults so that adults can punish them for failing to comply with their standard of childhood? When we are sentencing children as young as ten to be sex offenders do we even try to consider the ramifications this will have on their entire lives? It’s no joking matter! This is our future we’re destroying here!

Is it truly worth it to all you so called ‘Child Advocates’ to destroy the lives of so many young men and women, just so you can look tough on crime? So you can imprision someone who likes to read sexy stories about children? Just to score one more re-election? When the real problem is and has always been parents and other family members?


Preventing Child Rape…

26 04 2006

My mother, God bless her, knew way back in the 80’s what many parents have only recently begun to understand and put into practice. She really was the original anti-drug and told me at a young age to use her and my father as an excuse to not do drugs. She explained to me how drugs were harmful to the body and could warp the mind into doing things that you’d never think twice about while not high. She explained that while yes she and my father had done drugs back in their youth, they had done so before all the dangers had been fully realized and both of them wished with all their might they had never started. Especially their smoking habit, which as she explained hadn’t had those nice big warnings on the side that they had just begun to acquire by that point.

My father made no bones of telling stories of some of the crazy things he and his friends had done while under the influence of mind altering substances. From tales of pot smoking to stories of being so drunk that he couldn’t stand up straight. I heard stories of how he once wrapped his car around a tree and tales of waking up in the morning and having no idea how he and my mother had made it back home. My mother would patiently wait for my father to finish his stories and carefully redirect my attention away from the humor of the situation and onto the risks taken and the seriousness of the consequences such actions could have. And although both my parents were strong Christians both my mother and my father gave me blanket permission to lie and use themselves as an excuse to not take take drugs. ‘Whatever you need to do to get out of the situation,’ was how I recall one such discussion take place. I was never offered drugs as a teenager, just too much of a loner and too straitlaced as a kid I guess, so I don’t know how exactly I would have handled the situation. Who knows, maybe if I’d taken a few hits off a bong or a few swigs of beer I might have become more social and from there? Who knows? Maybe this blog would be about the free pot movement instead? ; )

In any case, my point is parents have a tremendous amount of power over their children for both good and evil. I’d like to show a way parents can help their children avoid being taken advantage of if they should ever be in a situation where they find themselves in a sexually charged situation with the Paederotic. This is really quite simple and I don’t understand why so many so called ‘Child Advocates’ are reluctant to promote it. If it keeps even one child from being touched in a way they don’t want, isn’t it worth the effort?


In that spirit here is The Paederotic Guide to Preventing Your Child from being Taken Advantage of Sexually:

1)Teach your child that his or her body belongs to him or herself. There is no nice way to say this: The more your child is taught to automatically do whatever they’re told by the nearest adult the higher their risk of being in an unwanted situation. If you teach your child that no one has the right to touch them sexually without their consent then they are that much more likely to avoid being touched by a Minor Attracted Adult. If he or she knows that it is their decision that empowers them to say ‘No!’ when the time comes.

2)Tell your child about sex and why his or her parents consider it harmful. Just like my mother taught me about the dangers and risks of drugs, drinking and smoking parents need to sit down with their children and explain to them why sex is in their opinion harmful to them at their age and why it is that society has Age of Consent laws. Tell them (graphically if necessarily) about the physical changes the body goes through during puberty and that attempting to move faster than their bodies are ready could damage and scar them for life. Explain about how the hormones flooding their bodies could cause them to make decisions they may regret later and if need be tell them about your own first time. Its a open secret that nearly everyone is dissatisfied with their first time. In any case, they’re only [insert age here] and they have their entire life to experiment with sex, why rush it?

3)Ask your child (after you have done the above) to not experiment sexually with anyone older than themselves by [insert appropriate number here] including hugs and kisses. You may refer to #2 when doing so, so your child understands why you’re telling them this. Empowering your child to know they can say ‘Thanks, but no thanks!’ when approached by a MAA means that they can avoid bad situations more easily. The Paederotic are far more likely to accept an informed rejection of their advances than just about any other group because they believe in the child’s right to consent.


There you have it! A simple three step guide to preventing your child from a bad situation with the Paederotic. The key point here is obviously communication and empowering your child to say ‘No!’ if he or she doesn’t want to be touched in a sexual manner. Simple right?

What’s that you say? The guide doesn’t address manipulation? Doesn’t address what to do with if someone tries to force them into sexual activity? That’s because you’re confusing Paedophilia with Rape. They are two different things. Just because someone is attracted to someone does not make them rapist. Nice one, but no dice –try again.

What’s this now? Oh. You mean you’re afraid if you tell your child they have the right to make decisions about their bodies they might actually say ‘Yes!’ instead of ‘No!’ like you told them to, even if you told them why to say no if they are approached by a Minor Attracted Adult? That’s impossible, not to mention statuary rape! Everyone knows that children under the age of [insert the proper age in your jurisdiction here] are unable to consent to sex; they must have been raped! Hmmm…kind of like it was in the Southern United States during its slavery and Jim Crow period, when it was assumed that since no white woman would ever have sex with a black man he must have raped her! Strange how that’s no longer the case these days—at least if the popularity of all those inter-racial porn sites is any indication. Maybe someone should go and tell all those Blacks on Blondes that they’re raping… On second thought probably not, they’d consider it good advertising. ^_^;