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3 02 2007

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Blogger Support. We will review your message and respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Blogger Support

So at least we know at this point the report has been received. True respect for freedom of speech means protecting even that speech you abhor from being silenced. Let’s hope Google\Blogger understand that and are willing to face up to these bullies.

Remember Google\Blogger, every time you capitulate under pressure you reinforce the idea all these guys have to do is slander and you’ll pull the plug. This is not how you want the rest of the world to see you.


Fail Illustrated

Why didn’t they make toys like this when I was a kid?

1 02 2007

Legos You Wish You Had!

I figure since the wonderful folks at Acme Cleaning Services have selected me as their next target, (along with Poet and Author Viamund The Rake apparently..) I may as well have some fun!

I have made a report on the situation to Google\Blogger though:

These bloggers (and others as well) have been waging a war of harassment against me and other bloggers not for TOS violations but because they dislike what we have to say. The Acme Cleaning Services people have requested that all their readers flag my blog as having been in violation and claiming that I (and others) have broken the law simply for exercising our first amendment rights. I am concerned that Google\Blogger will simply delete my blog in order to make the people flagging my blog go away.

Please tell these people they to stop cyber-stalking me using!

Please tell them to stop spreading lies and false allegations against me while inciting people to make false reports about my blog!


Owner of:

We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out. Needless to say I’ve already backed up my posts and am ready to repost much of my writing should that become necessary. I refuse to be silenced by way of libel and slanderous lies, when the alternative is to speak up and make good use of the attention about to come my way. Perhaps one of the many sheeple who will be showing up to flag my blog on the say-so of my enemies will take the time to actually read what I’ve written and see there is more to this than they’ve been led to believe. That’s the secret you know– every time our foes attempt to silence us all they really do in the end is grant us publicity and add to our numbers –it happens every time.

You cannot silence me without my consent and I DO NOT GIVE IT.

–I*Love*Green*Olives (feeling strangely invigorated)

Invisible Sun

8 10 2006

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life
Looking at the barrel of an Armalite
I don’t want to spend the rest of my days
Keeping out of trouble like the soldiers say
I don’t want to spend my time in hell
Looking at the walls of a prison cell
I don’t ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart
–The Police, Invisible Sun

It’s two steps forward, two steps back. As always. Within the same time frame the members of Perverted Justice begin their racketeering against Rookiee and now apparently against the upstream providers of GirlChat and BoyChat’s servers, we discover one of the biggest self-appointed child advocates (Sadvocates) has been a hebephile all along. Funny how these things just seem to work out, isn’t it? These perverts try to silence one of us and a little bit later a heavy hitter on their side of things comes down with a bad case of foot-in-mouth-disease. ^_~

As many of you already know, Rookiee was duped into deleting his blog:

I pulled the blog last night because for a few minutes, after reading a very convincing email, someone told me it might be the right move to save myself. They seemed convinced that if I pull my blogs, my podcast, and everything else and just lay low for a few months, things would roll over and they’d forget who I am and simply let me be.

And while it’s certainly understandable his reasons for the actions, anyone going to the site of his former blog will now heading into enemy territory. Please remove his link from your blogs, websites bookmarks, and etc to avoid running into a potential IP entrapment scheme! Rookiee is currently in the midst of transcribing all his podcasts for so they can confirm with their legal department the allegations made by Perverted Justice (PeeJ) are indeed false. What will come after that is accomplished is unknown at this point (besides the resumption of Pedologues of course,) but I for one sincerely hope will consider launching a libel or defamation suit against the aggressors at PeeJ. Perhaps even a racketeering lawsuit…

Also happening is the attempt at PeeJ to attack the upstream provider for Epifora, which seems to have succeeded. True or not, chances are rather than closing permanently as they hope, the affected sites will simply move to a different upstream provider. Or to put it slightly differently and in terms the PeeJ and occasional AZhole member can understand:

Neener neener neener! We ain’t going nowhere!

Why am I so flippant about this? Because, I do not truly expect these actions to result in anything more than a temporary disruption in Epifora site services. I’m also thrilled because this latest action has shown to many of the appeasers there is no hope of appeasement. We have followed the AUP to the letter and are still being targeted. This also goes far in making clear to the interested bystander that Perverted Justice is an actual danger to children. They are trying to pull down one of the few sites I know of that bends over backwards to be legal. So strict on their interpretation of the rules it can be a bannable offense to link to something as mild as! is an adult site, fully legal and we are unallowed to link to it!

Believe it or not, by attempting to remove the Epifora sites Perverted Justice has ensured law enforcement will have a much harder time keeping an eye on the paedophiles who post, lurk and read those sites. Congratulations! You’re encouraging people to follow in Foley’s footsteps…

Foley’s Fulsome Follies

What to say about Mark Foley?

I wonder are they truly conflicted, or are they cynically hiding in plain sight?

JD420 has a nice intelligent post on the subject over at the Absolutely Nothing Unified Blog. It’s worth reading to see the history of these types of things and as a wake up call that many of those who bray loudest in our enemy’s camps are themselves what they claim to hate. I am dubious whenever I hear a prominent ‘Anti’ has been caught out doing the very things they profess to hate. I wonder these days, are they truly conflicted or are they cynically hiding in plain sight?

I honestly tend to waver on this one. While there are a few lucky paedophiles who claim to have never once questioned their sexuality, I have struggled with who and what I am. I think I’m stronger as a person for having done so because I know my own mind better than I would have without the stuggles I’ve been through. I can still recall being a little boy, reading news articles about child-murderers and feeling sick to my stomach, wondering if someday there would be another little boy sitting where I sat, reading the self same news articles, only seeing my name in the headlines? No one ever bothered to tell me there was a difference between a paedophile and a psychopath. There’s a reason for that– it’s because many people don’t themselves distinguish between the two –which simply adds to the tragedies that surround us.

I said adds tragedy, because while I think some of our opponents sincerely think they are doing what is best for children in their actions, they are sincerely wrong. If you bring up a generation of people who repress their sexuality from childhood to believe that paedophiles are ‘evil‘ then you cannot be surprised when you harvest a crop of monsters. The goal is laudable, but the implementation is flawed beyond belief!

We have encountered young teenagers (13 to 15) who, as part of their treatment, have been compelled to recite daily lay-outs or creeds including phrases such as “I am a pedophile and am not fit to live in human society…I can never be trusted…everything I say is a lie…I can never be cured.”
–Mark Chaffin & Barbara Bonner, Don’t Shoot, We’re Your Children: Have we gone too far in our response to adolescent sexual abusers and children with sexual problems?

And it is thanks those like Mark Foley who labored tirelessly in his role as a member of the United States government passing the legislation which will lead to even greater persecution of children. They deceive themselves and those they claim to represent when they declare they do these things under the guise of preventing future child molesters. Even the most cursory knowledge of basic psychology ought make obvious to even the oblivious their actions will have opposite results to what they intend!

Did Foley know what he was doing? Did he even care? Ah, here I am becoming cynical again– yet the question bears asking –did he know and if he did, did he care? Or was he too busy doing his best to blend in, desperately hiding within plain sight to think about those things? Are we supposed to pretend while Foley was hopping up and down screeching for everyone to ignore the man behind the curtain and lynch some more paedophiles, his heart was in the right place? Are we supposed to pretend he couldn’t spare a tick from tilting at windmills to attack the very real scourage of incest exemptions?

I am cynical, because I suspect Mark Foley didn’t care at all about those he hurt, and those his legacy will continue to hurt as the years go by. Just as there are others who continue to hurt children in the name of saving them. Others like Perverted Justice‘s Xavier Von Erck (real name “Phillip John Eide” of Portland, Oregon)…

“My goal is not to protect minors.” –Xavier von Erck

As Ella has already publicized on her blog a while back, Perverted Justice does not exist to protect minors, it exists to lynch paedophiles. Those performing as ‘human shields’ are not doing it to stand in for children, they do it for the perverted entertainment of their compatriots. As we have seen time and time again, the loudest voice in the room jabbing both fingers off to the corner scapegoat is doing so to hide their own ego-dystonic paedophilia.

We sit on a continuum, and operate somewhere within the three corners of a triangle– it really does seem to be the best way to visualize it –and how important control is to you dictates in which direction along the triangle you lean towards. The anti and the child molester aren’t really all that far apart from each other in all honesty; they both demand control of the child’s sexuality. The child molester wishes to seize control and make the child be sexual, whereas the anti wishes to seize that same control and force the child to be asexual. It is only the childlover who follows the lead of the child and seeks to hand the control of the child’s sexuality back to the own who owns it.

Once you see how people on all sides of the issue of child sexuality factor into the chart it becomes blindingly obvious why so often we discover those who rail the most against child sexuality are also the ones most likely to cross from one side to the other. It explains how ‘Markaba’ was able to become ‘Todd’ so swiftly. It explains how Phillip John Eide could become Xavier von Erck and spend hours and hours online in age-play, supposedly to combat the scourge of online paedophila, when in fact…

PeeJ himself seems to have some issues with underage girls and boys. If you were to do some investigation it becomes blindingly obvious the leaders at PeeJ have a double standard when it comes to child sexuality. They don’t seem to have any issues with placing minors into chat rooms and instigating ‘sexy chat’ with older men and women. It’s a real pot meet kettle situation, or perhaps just some old fashioned hypocrisy?

As per her many blog entries, she has obviously had a serious long-term affection for Xavier – One that obviously started long before her first posting on PJ. Her PJ avatar is contains the caption “Mrs. Von Erck”. An example from one of her blog postings:

“I had a dream about about AG and PA a few nights ago. It was very odd. For some reason I went to live with them and their townhouse was haunted by a guy man that died in a rubber dinosaur costume.”

(AG is Angry German AKA Xavier Von Erk, and PA is Phoebus Apollo, Xavier’s sidekick.)
–Corrupted, Is Sexually Exploiting Children?

“Mrs. Von Erck” was sixteen when she did her first ‘bust’ for Xavier at the original Perverted Justice, which began as an offshoot of his blog: Angry German. Reading the linked article will reveal there are many others, some even younger who have been involved in sexually explicit chat with older men for the entertainment of the Perverts at PeeJ’s site. Hiding in plain sight? Phillip John Eide seems to have gotten it down pat…

There has got to be…

The only problem is, we can do that too. And we would, many of us if it were not for how much we care for those children whose lives are being destroyed in the hysteria those like Phillip John Eide have built to use as a smokescreen. Don’t take my word for it, head over to the Ethical Treatment for All Youth site and see for yourself how many children are being used as grist for the mill in order to provide a smokescreen! Read about caes like the one that happened in Echo Glen Children’s Center! See what impact the laws Mark Foley rammed through in effort to protect himself, really have on the ones they protect!

The damage the hysteria causes doesn’t stop there though. It affects everyone, down the line. Just ask Mark Bronke, his wife and two children. Or Eric Haskett, who was unlucky enough to be renting the apartment of a former sex offender. Or the seven people unfortunate enough to live in an area near a sex offender who woke up one morning to discover their cars had been vandalized. Keep in mind also that many of the victims created by these types of discriminate attacks keep silent for fear of being targeted if they respond with anything other than ‘Rah Rah Rah! Kill those peterfiles!’

When do we decide the urge to punish has overcome the need to rehabilitate?

When will we be able to accept normal, healthy juvenile sexuality as not being abusive?

And when we realize what the true impact of our actions have been on the children of tomorrow, will we be able to repair the damage done?

And they’re only going to change this place
By killing everybody in the human race
They would kill me for a cigarette
But I don’t even wanna die just yet

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day’s done
–The Police, Invisible Sun


PS: Thanks to Cangee for allowing me to use his Child Sex Triangle to illustrate how much alike child molesters and antis truly are!

Political Prisoners

16 05 2006

What do you call it when someone is jailed without access to a lawyer, secluded contact from fellow inmates, and held indefinitely pending their willingness to perjure testimony in a legal case? No this is not a situation happening in Iran or whatever the newest axis on the trinity of evil is this week, this is a case occurring in America’s back yard. When a fourteen year old girl refused to appear in court for where she is the material witness the state prosecutor and judge presiding over the case decided she needed protection when their case against her boyfriend fell apart. Furious that the boyfriend in question, twenty year old Galo Sanchez-Pesantes was released for lack of evidence, Common Pleas Judge James Murphy (picture to the left) attempted to have the girl the supposed victim of a crime sent to juvenile detention for refusing to cooperate. According to court papers written by Juvenile Court Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio, (photo to the right,) federal law prohibits the detention of juveniles who are not accused of a crime. She blocked the move stating she could not legally hold the girl. Unwilling to be deterred by mere mortal law, the Supreme Being also known as Judge James Murphy ordered the fourteen year old girl to be held indefinitely in an adult facility. That was the Wednesday of last week, since then the girl has been held at the Summit County Jail where she has been in isolation. The brave girl has requested to speak with a lawyer, a fact documented by court papers but Jail Captain Steve Finical has confirmed local prosecutors refused anyone to see her.

The case first started back in January of this year when the boyfriend of the girl’s mother claims to have seen the two on a couch. She denied having sex and has steadfastly refused to write a statement for police. The situation has the boyfriend’s defense attorneys confused at the actions of Prosecutor Mary Ann Kovach. “I’m puzzled that prosecutors want to go forward with this when they have a witness saying she didn’t have sex with this man. It seems to me they’re holding her to coerce her testimony. Frankly, I think she’s being illegally held.” Brouse said.

The other attorney continued in this same vein. “When you take a child and put her in jail and deny her access to counsel because she refuses to be labeled a material witness, essentially it’s an abuse of power,” Folk said. “I don’t think the state has the right to put a 14-year-old in jail without due process. And in this case, there has been no due process.”

“She said no, nothing happened [..] and she said she told that to everyone, but no one wanted to listen,” Brouse agreed.

Despite blocking the first attempt to imprison the girl, Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio has gone silent on the matter and has not returned any phone calls.

A message was left with his Holiness, Supreme Pontiff James Murphy by way of his bailiff but his holiness is above the mundane things of mortals and has also chosen not to comment.

The girl’s mother could not be reached for comment but since this is the same mother who called police and had them take the teen into custody, this should not be a surprise.

The only one willing to speak to the media on the issue besides the defense team was Chief Prosecutor of the case, Mary Ann Kovach who defended their atrocious actions with the feeble defense: “[We need to hold her] so that she is not on the streets where we can’t find her or she’s doing things she shouldn’t be doing. It’s better for her to be confined,” she concluded.

Sanchez-Pesantes, though free on bond is required to appear before the Lord of Creation James Murphy this Tuesday morning for pretrial proceedings now that the state has its primary witness in custody again. Bottom line? The unidentified fourteen year old is little more than a political pawn. The only reason why Kovach is getting away with this is because as legal property of her mother the girl is unable to exercise her rights. Even the negative rights so many antis are so fond of discussing, such as the right to be free from coercion have been taken away from her. I think this whole situation is disgusting! What say ye?

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–I*Love*Green*Olives (hoping this girl gets her physical freedom without sacrificing her mental freedom)