Google\Blogger FAILS to uphold free speech…

22 02 2007


We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a complaint regarding your blog Upon review, we’ve noted that your blog is not in compliance with Blogger Terms of Service ( As a result, we’ve been forced to remove your blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Blogger Team

I have already replied with an email to Google\Blogger:

I DO NOT understand.

I emailed Blogger regarding the attempts at those complaining about my blog, and attempting to have it shut down because they didn’t like what I had to say. I used the support page and emailed Blogger regarding this and received the useless reply where you asked me to try and ‘work’ with the people harassing me. Now I go to check my blog only to discover some one else has squatted on my address and an email from Blogger telling me you’ve deleted my entire blog!


What have I done besides exercise my freedom of speech?

What TOS have I broken?

Who have **I** harassed? Who have I been ‘cyber-stalking’?

I’m sending this email as a matter of course, even though I honestly don’t expect any replies.


As stated, I don’t expect much of a reply back. I also don’t know how long I will be able to continue to post here on WordPress, if the pattern continues to follow and the bigots who dodge our every step online begin to agitate against WordPress. Unfortunately I was unable to save the url from being hijacked by Acme, so please be careful while deleting my old address from your bookmarks.

What is even more unfortunate is Google\Blogger’s removal of my entire blog without allowing me a chance to edit out wheter content they found to be in violation of their TOS. Or even which item of their TOS I have supposedly violated. Or … I could go on and on about the subject but I’m a bit too heartbroken at the moment, but I will regroup and republish, regardless.


Google\Blogger\Blogspot: Slightly Unclear on the Concept…

8 02 2007


Thank you for writing in regarding content posted on We would like to confirm that we have received and reviewed your inquiry. and are US sites regulated by US law. Blogger is a provider of content creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to create blogs, but we don’t make any claims about the content of these pages. Given these facts, and pursuant with section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, Blogger does not remove allegedly defamatory, libelous, or slanderous material from or If a contact email address is listed on the blog, we recommend you working directly with the author to have the content in question removed or changed.

The Blogger Team

I have responded to their email with the following:

Dear Google\Blogger\Blogspot,

I do not think you have read (or if you have read, then you have misunderstood) the issue I am requesting support for.

The members of the ACME blog are making malicious and untrue statements about my blog, as well as INCITING their readers to FALSELY flag my blog as being illegal, or inappropriate. They are flagging me WITHOUT CAUSE. Other Bloggers they have been doing this to HAVE had their blogs REMOVED. You can reassure me all you want that you do not do this, but YOUR ACTIONS of the last few months are not in line with YOUR WORDS.


Hopefully this time someone (not a robot) will read the email and respond with something a bit more reassuring. As it is now the canned response is almost worthless, and no reassurance that someone who works to write their thoughts won’t have their words erased by bigots and ignoramuses following a party line. Why should anyone work to provide Google content under those conditions?

–I*Love*Green*Olives (asking Google not to fail so hard this time)

Why didn’t they make toys like this when I was a kid?

1 02 2007

Legos You Wish You Had!

I figure since the wonderful folks at Acme Cleaning Services have selected me as their next target, (along with Poet and Author Viamund The Rake apparently..) I may as well have some fun!

I have made a report on the situation to Google\Blogger though:

These bloggers (and others as well) have been waging a war of harassment against me and other bloggers not for TOS violations but because they dislike what we have to say. The Acme Cleaning Services people have requested that all their readers flag my blog as having been in violation and claiming that I (and others) have broken the law simply for exercising our first amendment rights. I am concerned that Google\Blogger will simply delete my blog in order to make the people flagging my blog go away.

Please tell these people they to stop cyber-stalking me using!

Please tell them to stop spreading lies and false allegations against me while inciting people to make false reports about my blog!


Owner of:

We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out. Needless to say I’ve already backed up my posts and am ready to repost much of my writing should that become necessary. I refuse to be silenced by way of libel and slanderous lies, when the alternative is to speak up and make good use of the attention about to come my way. Perhaps one of the many sheeple who will be showing up to flag my blog on the say-so of my enemies will take the time to actually read what I’ve written and see there is more to this than they’ve been led to believe. That’s the secret you know– every time our foes attempt to silence us all they really do in the end is grant us publicity and add to our numbers –it happens every time.

You cannot silence me without my consent and I DO NOT GIVE IT.

–I*Love*Green*Olives (feeling strangely invigorated)

Perverted Justice, Perverts Justice

20 09 2006

The other day Perverted Justice released an announcement, declaring they had decided to harass Pedologues podcaster Rookiee Revolyob for having dared to stand up in public and disagree with them. They slated four corporations that serve the public in their attacks, intending to pressure these corporations into silencing Rookiee by proxy. They have succeeded with one of the four already and are at work hammering against the other three even as I type this.

These corporations are:

Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation


Perverted Justice was able to quickly threaten Cafepress into silence by reminding them they were among Cafepress’ largest customers. You can no longer see these threats now because Perverted Justice has removed them in appreciation for Cafepress complying with their demands. Demands that Cafepress complied with after Perverted Justice began holding the company hostage via disabling their store and announcing their intention to remove it permanently unless Cafepress buckled under.

You have included sensitive personal material on your user page which is unacceptable. To put it bluntly, you are playing an ass. You may remove it or accept an indefinite block. —Fred BauderNow they’ve begun to attack Wikipedia, by vandalizing and harassing Rookiee via his User Page. If you head over to Wikipedia now and and click on his User Page, it will come up as blank. Rookiee has been threatened with an “indefinite block” by one Fred Bauder. What is Fred’s problem? Apparently he wishes to punish Rookiee for thoughtcrime! When Rookiee says on his page he wishes he had a boyfriend, why naturally that must mean he’s talking about molestation…right? Despite the fact he’s clearly said on countless occasions he has only had sex with adults. In fact according to one podcast of his I listened to recently, he said his first sexual experience was with…an older man when he himself was nineteen!

The next step in the harassment appears to be complaining about Rookiee’s use of the BoyLove Logo on his User Page. As you may or may not know, Wikipedia prohibits the use of even ‘fair use’ images on User Pages in attempt to walk well within range of copyright laws as interpreted in the United States, where most of their servers are located. That said, as far as I can understand the image is public domain and there would be no real reason for conflict here in the use of the image by Rookiee. I also find the timing of this decision to be unfortunate as it casts doubts on the motivations of the one requesting Rookiee source his right to use the image at a time where he is under attack on multiple fronts. One wonders if this isn’t simply a distraction while Perverted Justice continues to slander Rookiee to the others on their list…

Speaking of others, if you were to head over to Pedologues, where Rookiee has begun discussing these attacks, you’d be astounded by the volume of attacks he’s received in the comments pages. Or maybe not? For those of us who have begun blogging and making use of other media to communicate to the rest of the world we’re not all the same and being Paederotic doesn’t automatically equal rapists, seeing these kinds of trolling are an old hat. Speaking of blogging, one of the things you might notice if you were to visit the Perverted Justice article is how they have managed to take a sideswipe at myself and a few other bloggers.

Other names of blogs on blogspot:
The Ministry of Boylove
Little Girls in my Heart – (A Girl Lover’s Life)
Defending the Paedoerotic
My Pedo Attraction

Still Mad as Hell

I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over

Not Ready To Make Nice, Dixie Chicks 2006

This was a mistake guys. I rarely ever discuss PeeJ because I never get into IMs with underage girls (that I know of) and if I have the usual focus of conversation was on anime, fanfiction or other types of media, certainly not sexuality or other such things. While I have always considered the actions of PeeJ to be little more than simple vigilantism and an attempt to disguise their own sexual perversions. Remind me who it is that fits the description of an Internet Predator again– who is it that goes into chat rooms, pretends to be younger than they are, and seeks to entrap others in a compromising position for their own gratification? In any case I’ve left the organization alone in the past for the simple reason I tend to privately consider anyone who is out on IM trying to hook up with an underage partner to be insane. But like what happened with the AZholes from Absolute Zero, if you decide to attack me, I will respond in kind….

How is this not clearly harassment?

How is the vandalism currently going on here any different from what Stephen Colbert tried to pull awhile back? Perverted Justice for political reasons has begun an attack on Mr. Revolyob solely on the basis of his sexual orientation. This is what they do and what Mr. Revolyob is suffering from now. How is this any different than neo-nazis or Ku Klux Klan members harassing a Wikipedia member by reason of their colour or nationality? Or complaining that a Jewish wikipedia editor had links to the Anti-Defamation League? While Mr. Revolyob should probably have documented his permission to use the images on his User Page, I fail to see how this other random and unsubstantiated edits being made here are anything other than outright harassment by Perverted Justice!

Or is this a case of everyone at Wiki being equal, just some others being slightly more equal? I seem to recall this isn’t the first time sexual orientation was used to go outside the established procedures with regard to this person.

User:| 09:47, 20 September 2006 (UTC)I*Love*Green*Olives, Defending the Paederotic (Also being slammed in these recent attacks by Perverted Justice)

Oh and before any of the AZholes from AbsoluteZero get all excited, the IP number in my wikipedia comment is not my real one. Sorry to have disappointed you. Ditto to anyone from Perverted Justice.

Who are Perverted Justice?

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters
fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never
mention that part to us, do they?

George Carlin

Like I linked to in my comments on Wikipedia, those who run PeeJ have a history of indiscriminate harassment to anyone who disagrees with them. They have also been successful in hiding the truth behind their activities online; they do not seek to help, defend or protect children– they simply like hunting Paedophiles for sport. At first blush this might not seem to be an issue, but consider this: thirty years, maybe even only ten or fifteen years ago the same people who hunt Paedophiles for sport, would have been hunting ‘niggers’ for sport. These are the same ones who continue to attack gay and lesbian youth. They incite violence against people, who in some cases (like Rookiee’s) have broken no laws. Is this type of vigilantism and racketeering the type of behavior we as a society wish to promote?

Racketeering? Yes, certainly! Given that Perverted Justice makes money off their online ‘hacking’ and vigilantism, racketeering is definitely a accurate description! Finally there’s the political aspect of what has been going on. Rookie Revolyob was one of the first to expose the political games being played by Rikijo and John Powers. Their target? Congressman Kucinich. Given that it was Rookiee Revolyob who exposed Power’s pathetic attempt to smear the Congressman on his Libsyn podcast blog, is it any wonder he would be made a target?

It is quite clear Rookiee has made some powerful enemies who would dearly like to see him silenced; the question on people’s minds should be why do these people want to silence him so badly?

What has happened in this country which has made it illegal to discuss ideas?

Why is it considered immoral to merely discuss the laws as they now exist and if they are accomplishing what they were sold as intending to do?

Who will these enemies of public, free speech silence next?


Sequence: Offense, Defense, Nonce-Sense…

20 06 2006

After making my last post and seeing some of the horrible filth being posted in the comments, I had to take action. I didn’t like some of the insults being tossed around by various posters, especially ones who apparently hadn’t considered it a prerequisite to actually read my post before commenting. Then again maybe they felt it wasn’t something they had to read through, given most of what was published was their words placed in context– they had already said or heard them once, why re-read? I am heartened by the way they felt ashamed enough to remove their words later, so perhaps that’s a start? Still my biggest concern lay with those who came in and posted repetitively threats and allusions to sadism and other deviant activities.

After warning the worst of these and asking nicely the ones who were being offended and abused the most to hold off on their anger I sent off a message to asking for succor based on the rampant and blantant violations of the TOS by Absolute Zero members.


“[..P]lease follow his link and flag him for offensive content. You might want to flag all of his favourites as well, they are all offensive. The more people who flag a blog, the sooner it comes to the attention of blogger.”

I made an exhaustive blog post after being informed that a blog site was being created to advocate the discrimination of people by orientation. I was also told that they had begun a campaign of asking people to flag all the blogs bookmarked in a friend’s blog site. My link was one of them.In the course of researching the situation (see my blog post for details) I discovered the person who began this campaign of harassment had hidden her report button. Feeling this was unfair I immediately hid my navbar to prevent people reporting me simply because of my associations. Since then I have had members of ‘Absolute Zero’ posting threatening messages to the blog and generally refusing to *contribute* to the discussion other than by bashing people and attempting to hack their IP addresses for harassment purposes.
“[..C]omment moderation is the only course you have Blogger TOS please you are amatures tell ya what OLIVE FREAK[…]”

I have avoided deleting their abusive comments on sight because that would end any chances for intelligent discussion on the Paedophile hysteria. I sincerely think we as a society NEED to be able to discuss these things or the subject will only continue to fester hidden in a closet marked ‘Pay no Attention to Daddy’ and the situation will only get worse. I ask that since I am not violating the spirit of the TOS agreement you please take action on the threats and hate coming from hellpig.

Thank you!


PS: Since I typed this hellpig has begun trying to masquerade as other other bloggers by changing his user name and user picture. Please help me, this is creating a disruptive presence on my blog and I want it to stop!

In the time since then I’ve been sitting back and waiting as the Absolute Zero people continued to happily take more and more rope to hang themselves with…or so I thought…


Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to block comments from particular users or IP addresses. However, please be aware that a blog owner can delete or moderate comments.

Sincerely, The Blogger Team

I couldn’t believe it! This was their idea of enforcing a TOS?? Furthermore, given the text of the email it was quite clear hadn’t given my words or my situation more than the most cursory glance. What did blocking the comments or ip addresses of anyone have to do with anything? I fully understand they likely get thousands of these types of reports every day, but could it hurt someone to read the words I wrote? Clearly illiteracy is a bigger problem than I thought!

Apparently the TOS agreement aside, has no problems with allowing its members to use their accounts to follow people all over their network of blogs threatening people and harassing them simply for existing! Inconceivable! The Absolute Zero trolls have made it more than clear their issues with us have little to do with any actions on the part of paedophiles and everything to do with our thoughts. If we were to go lock ourselves up in a far off place with just food and water away from all human contact they would still be burning up inside with rage because we might be thinking something! Yes, really…our thoughts will somehow pollute the world around us as infect everyone with our Paedophile disease! Oh Noes!!!!!! 111111oneoneone

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.Mark Twain

And it is laughter I intend to begin using as my sword. I will continue to make posts about the cultural aspects and will continue my defense of Paedophilia whenever I see it mentioned in the news, but I have recently been offered a place as team member at Absolutely Nothing a new parody blog that will focus on the most extreme actions of Teleiophiles and their disgusting attempts to remake American and International culture conform to their prejudices and feeble minded limitations. Bottom line? This entire situation with the Absolute Zero people has shown me clearer than ever there is Absolutely Nothing to their claims we are sick individuals and a major proof is in their blogs. When they were first started they were filled with comments by both factions, the antis (frothing at the mouth and tossing threats around) and the Paederotics, offering thoughtful feedback and discussion on the issues and the facts. The contrast shows up loud and clear– it is quite easy to discern who has a case or valid argument and who is simply spewing off propaganda and feeding off of emotions. People get bored with and tired of the lack of substance quickly. Besides a small cadre of posters, the AZ blog is almost empty, and given Hellpig’s claims about their member size it seems entirely possible all that goes on at AZ is intellectual masturbation to an ever smaller audience.

Not that it says much given the way Hellpig has made himself at home here. He actually seems to spend more time trolling my blog in the comments than he does on his own blogs, if I were the type to believe all antis are paedophiles in disguise I’d find that pretty interesting. I could probably make hay with his obsession with baseball bats and anal cavities. ..But I won’t say anything of the kind because that would be being rude! 🙂

Hellpig brings up an interesting factor though, I’d like to introduce a new team member to this blog, LGsinmyheart whose offered to help me police the comments section now. I have asked and LGsinmyheart has accepted to keep an eye on things here when I’m doing certain other things–like sleeping! 😛 We will be working out a schedule for monitoring that should hopefully allow this blog to continue without the necessity of comments monitoring (actually comments pre-approval) and also allow us to continue to allow anonymous comments to be posted. I don’t expect people in the comments section to suddenly become little angels or to read our minds in what to and to not post, I simply expect people to be polite in their disagreements. This goes for members of the Paederotic community as well.

Disagreement is acceptable but belligerent insults are not! posting without reading is an insult!

Disagreement is acceptable. Belligerent insults, showing by your posts you have not actually read the blog is not. Drive by posts advising anyone who reads to commit suicide or self mutilation is also not acceptable. Discussing whether or not castration has any affect on sex drive and or orientation is acceptable. Allegations of criminal activity will be removed as soon as it is seen. That includes lurid descriptions of violence against paedophiles as well as the standard definitions of criminal activity used at GirlChat. The latter means no one in the paedophile community should be confused on what will get their words deleted.

For those of you who read here from outside the community please try to understand disagreement is not the issue; being able to disagree politely. Most of the people I know in the Paedophile community have not committed any crimes and likely will never do so. Statistically speaking many many Paedophiles live, breathe and walk amongst us all every day and will continue doing so, living in the toy box until the day they die with no one knowing they were anything more than they seemed. Try to understand the members of the community love children –in every way– not just sexually. We care for and want the best for them, which is why it is so infuriating for us to be constantly compared to and alleged to be like those psychopaths we hear about in the news. We can and in my honest opinion should be able to work together on issues we agree with each other on. I have been saying that from day one and will likely say it long after this post.

So to new friends and acquaintances I say, ‘Welcome!’ to all our enemies I’d apologize for the new rules, (but you really did bring them upon yourselves,) and invite you to stick around for awhile– who knows maybe you’ll learn something?


UPDATE! More Hellpig info

The Ranando Report had an interesting post about the infamous AZ troll..

You can read the report on Hellpig here.

I don’t know how accurate this informationis, but when I read it all I could think was: Windows ME? No really… WinME? I LOL’ed! ^o^;

Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid…

11 06 2006

Something’s going wrong inside of you
Burdens bearing down and seeping through
Well, I don’t want to bleed anymore for you
And I don’t want to breathe any hatred too

Wasting Time, Collective Soul 1994

Over the past 48 hours I have been inundated with hate messages which are comments that pedophiles are attempting to post to my blog.Daydreamer of Oz

She makes such pretty allegations of our ‘hate messages’ in her blog and this prompted her to start Absolute Zero as a counterattack.

It has come to my attention that I am not the only one being bullied by these guys on the net.Daydreamer of Oz

And she wants YOU to join in with her and fight against the ‘bullying’ behavior of my brothers and sisters. Her appeal for help has spread through the blogosphere like wildfire, creating an unbelievable sense of unity as people join in on the digital witch-hunt. Lines of division have nearly disappeared as left joins right in single-minded pursuit of ‘stopping the bullies’ from ‘intimidating’ Daydreamer and the ‘good guys’ are encouraged to join in the fight…
My Stance
[Rookie,] you suggested in your post that perhaps we don’t listen enough to what the anti-pedos have to say. Bull-fucking-shit. We listen to their venom day and night, every single day of the week, every single time we pick up a magazine or watch the latest TV talk show or police drama where they are attacking and misrepresenting us…Dissident has come to my attention that one of our bloggers is being attacked by a group of pedophiles, these people want the rest of us to accept this perversion as if it were a human rights movement.Bushwack

…a blog called Daydreamer of Oz (a well written blog, BTY) that is under attack by pedophiles. Go over and offer some support. You might want to leave a comment letting the world know just what you think of child molesters.Lemuel Calhoon

I have a blog called the Metal Pundit, and I also blog with BigNewsDay. We all support you and will help in whatever way to stop pedophiles.Lefty Metalhead

I found these sicko’s who are listed as friends on debatecrime along with this freak Viamund the Rake after pedophiles started bombarding my daughter with hate mail and of course arguments for their disease. Daydreamer is staying strong in refusing them any voice at all on her blog.Stitches77

As if that were not enough, members of the MAA community have begun to join in chiding and telling us we need to calm down. Most notably we have Rookie Revolyob of Paiderastia and Wikipedia fame posting to GirlChat and his own blog the following comments:

This ain’t cool, people. As much as I might dispise [sic] some of the thinking that goes on in the minds of people who don’t agree with me, I personally always attempt my damndest [sic] to keep my cool and respond patiently and responsibly to whatever a person might say.Rookie

The problem is all this is ‘nonce-sense’ and Rookie has found himself very much taken in by people playing the victim card.

You Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant…

I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over

Not Ready To Make Nice, Dixie Chicks 2006

Recently I made a brief post regarding Dutch paedophiles who are hoping to form a political party. A group of paedophile activists found this and immediately began trying to use my blog as a platform to push their agenda please accept us and say we’re ok. When I said this would not happen and began moderating comments, the true trouble began. I was bombarded with emails of many descriptions. These ranged from mere ‘explanations’ of why I am wrong in stating that paedophilia is not acceptable to more threatening and hateful comments.Daydreamer of Oz

So inncocent sounding, isn’t it? ‘I made a post and these people attacked me!!!1 1one’ Only the truth is somewhat different because if you look at what actually happened…

I’m like the coolest person on the planet! I succeeded in provoking Doc enough to get him to follow me over & respond. All hail Daydreamer 😉Daydreamer of Oz

Seeing as how the ‘Doc’ in question is a member in Blogger I surfed over to see what the debate was about…

As far as offending pedophiles goes, what about it? The one in question may not be the most well spoken or rational when it comes to debating these issues, but he has every right to be offended by anyone putting him in the same boat as criminals. Declaring “pedophile” to be synonymous with “child molester” is no different than declaring “heterosexual” to be synonymous with “rapist”. […] Perhaps the most intriguing part of it all is that you posted this hate-group rhetoric on a public blog and really expected nothing but support…
One of my regular readers responded to my previous post about the abolition of suspended sentences, disagreeing with my argument. Whilst I’m more than happy to be disagreed with (I love nothing more than a vigorous debate), the comment prompted me to reflect on some of the misconceptions that people have in regards to offending and criminality. […] That’s both completely correct and entirely misleading. Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t read the study yourself.

This result by the BJS is pretty consistently reflected in the sex offender research literature. Zgoba and Simon (2005), doing a seven-year follow up of nearly 500 sex offenders who attended a treatment program in New Jersey found a recidivism rate for sex offenders of 14%, compared to 24% for nonsexual reoffending. Studies which have found much higher rates of recidivism for sex offenders have been found to contain sampling biases which have affected the outcomes of the study (see, for example, Webster, Gartner & Doob, 2006).dr. faustus

The nice thing about linking this is how it shows Daydreamer and her cohorts to be completely disingenuous when they pretend to be ignorant of facts. It is clear here by the discussion she is knowledgeable but chooses to follow the mantra of not wishing to be confused with the facts because her mind is made up!

* Most (90% to 98%) child molesters are “situational offenders” who abuse children because of stress or because they need a “power fix”.

I like how these magic numbers keep popping up. If you are going to state these things as facts, you need to reveal your sources. Until then, this is just your opinion.Daydreamer of Oz

I’ll give you a bone Daydreamer–check the picture here with the graph. It’s a little out of date (2004) and if you know of any thing more recent I’d be thrilled to know where you found it so I can add the link to my posts and update my data. Then see here and here. The information is out there even if most of it is buried in pathology and criminal investigation work. Just like it was once buried when the big targets were homosexuals. Not that I think you need me to tell you this, given how literate you seemed to be on this subject when dueling with the good doctor I’m given to think your claims of ignorance are based more on strategy than actual lack of knowledge. Also I’d like to remind you and my other readers the large percentage of pedophiles do not come into contact with minors sexually at all and are law abiding citizens. The figures used above and the sources indicated are stuck using figures gained from criminal respondents due to the very pedophile panic Daydreamer and her cohorts seek to perpetuate.

Going back to the hows and whys and wherefores of how this all started, Daydreamer made a purposely flamatory post on her blog in which she said in part:

If your stance on this issue is that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, then there’s nothing wrong with this scenario, is there? I can’t get my bp down low enough to write more about it so help me fill in the gaps, people 🙂Daydreamer of Oz

To this plea for ‘help’ in understanding our friend Lepidopterist posted:
I was completely sickened by that web site. People like that do not deserve to breathe. I may be on the opposite end of the political spectrum from you, but all of you have my complete support in taking on these sick #^^%’s —BigNewsDay

Dear Daydreamer,You start your post with an error: pedophilia is not a crime. The orientation of pedophilia is the attraction of adults to minors, not the abuse of them. This is such a common error but ti has to be pointed out for the sake of clarity.

The NVD is certainly a strange party, advocating besides pedophilia public nudity, animal sex and even daytime porn (!)

However, the point in such a party as the NVD is to give the oppressed a voice, as pedophilia – or the attraction some normal adults have to minors – has been misunderstood for too long.

The NVD is not a party with serious hopes of taking control of the Netherlands, a country firmly within the grasp of the Evil Empire but it may take a seat or two.
Furthermore please do not associate pedophiles with any people like murderers or maniacs. This sort of callous insult is what created the NVD in the first place.

Worrying isn’t it?

Instead of taking the opportunity to engage Lepidopterist in an honest discussion when he was answering her request for information, Daydreamer fired back with insults and told him:


Pedophilia is a crime.

There are no normal adults who are attracted to minors.

I will continue to associate pedophiles (as I see from clicking on your link that you are one) with murderers and maniacs because they’ve all got psychological problems that allow them to hurt other people.

You need to seek psychological counselling rather than flaunting your perversion across the net.

Then to add injury to the insults she already tossed out she proceeded to make a new blog post, complaining at the rudeness of someone posting in response to a question she asked. Worse she compounded her earlier insulting language — which Lepidopterist had already requested politely she quit doing — with more of the same and a request for all her readers:Winston Smith A.K.A. Debatecrime [aka] Lepidopterist Lives in [..inaccurate..] is a diseased delusional freak, I never gave you Death threats, I merely stated we are going to play a game of “Pulp Fiction” and you will be playing the GIMP So practice climbing in and out of a small box “Gimp”Hellpig

It takes a hell of a lot of nerve for an admitted pedophile to come to my blog and say that I’m offending him by comparing him to a sexual criminal. […] If you are like me and find this extremely offensive, please follow his link and flag him for offensive content. You might want to flag all of his favourites as well, they are all offensive. The more people who flag a blog, the sooner it comes to the attention of blogger. I am also investigating possible routes of further action.Daydreamer of Oz

If anyone sees any of these types of sites, please click the “Flag” link at the top of the page to let Blogger know that you find web sites promoting the molestation of children offensive.BigNewsDay

It was an understandably incredulous Lepidopterist who went to GirlChat and asked: “What FURTHER ACTION???” The general consensus was Daydreamer would try to report his blog to Blogger– and since Lepidopterist has broken no laws in his blog — Blogger would ignore him. A few of the people on GirlChat posted that they had posted on the board and copied their posts as part of the message they left on the board regarding the discussion. One person asked where Daydreamer’s report box was, then decided to just make a reply to the blog and hope for the best. His reply was also posted at GirlChat. It brings up an interesting question though…

What gives her the right to report others when she has removed that function and is not herself subject to such reporting?

I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight…

Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
Get Up, Stand Up, don’t give up the fight
Get Up, Stand Up. Life is your right
So we can’t give up the fight
Stand up for your right, Lord, Lord
Get Up, Stand Up. Keep on struggling on
Don’t give up the fight

We’re sick and tired of your ism and skism game
Die and go to heaven in Jesus’ name, Lord
We know when we understand
Almighty God is a living man
You can fool some people sometimes
But you can’t fool all the people all the time
So now we see the light
We gonna stand up for our right

Get Up, Stand Up
Bob Marley & Peter Tosh 1973

I can track the url from which visitors enter my blog […] They’re telling all their goons to come over and tell me how crazy and hateful I am. It is becoming increasingly clear that their agenda is to bully, threaten and otherwise attempt to intimidate me into silence.Daydreamer of Oz

Most of these fools are everyday people you see on the street. They are not living some isolated life like most would think. They are out there, everywhere. You might even work with a few of them. That’s what disgusts me. Just knowing that I might acually associate with one and not know it. Pedophiles dare not say what they beleive in public because they know they will get the living shit beat out of them. And rightfully so. So in conclusion, do the world a favor and murder a pedophile.Anonymous

I guess he didn’t like my posting? I only told him we were going to play “Pulp Fiction” and to guess which part he was playing…. Oh then I told him I was going to castrate him when I get to the UKHellpig

Child sex offenders need be shot in the head in town square, period.Malinda777

I personally can’t believe that there are so many pedophiles “coming out” online. How disgusting! Thank God I’m not one of these people; but if I was I would hope I would have the good sense to shoot myself… ‘mary’

You may also find it interesting to note that of all the people I know they’ve harassed, they’ve all been women. Not one man. We are starting a blog to combat these morons so check back with me soon! P.S. I suggest we go with [Anonymous’] idea 😉Daydreamer of Oz

And they wonder why we are offended? This woman and her ilk run around spewing their hate, their incitement to murder, their attempts to censor the speech of others… Oh and for the record we have posted to men in attempts to discuss the issues–all of our posts have disappeared into the black hole known as comments moderation. In fact I’m honestly skeptical that you or your friends have actually gotten any ‘hate email’ because when you attempted to justify the launch of your new hate speech blog: Absolute Zero you had to dip into the messages posted on a forum for pedophiles. Messages quoted out of context usually — because there was no reason why my words had to have been brought into things when you were trying to quote Lepidopterist — and usually relayed in frustration that you and your friends had chosen to slander and wax eloquent about the various methods you could murder innocent people while denying them a opportunity to defend themselves.

It is very easy to be brazen and bold under the cover of anonymity. These people can only pick on an adult when they *believe* there’s no way for the other person to find out who and where they are. […] You know that you’re sick and deranged and that’s why you keep your secret on the net anonymously.Daydreamer of Oz

Pot. Kettle. Black?

Keep in mind that it is not I who started this fight. This whole thing began when you decided to not only demonize an individual but also an entire class of human beings. It was you who made this post inevitible, when you decided to encourage people to report blogs sight unseen the only offense commited was in being born with an orientation they had no control over. Did you choose to be white? A woman? Did you make the choice to be heterosexual? Neither did we choose to be who we are. What right then do you make war against us?

Paedophilia, is an orientation–deny it all you want– and it is not a crime. It is not immoral. There is nothing wrong with an attraction. There is no sin involved in loving someone. In fact it amazes me that a God who took the time to explain in lurid detail why he hates Clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, and shrimp and yet he is somehow unable to take the time out to discuss pedophilia. At ALL. Perhaps he forgot? I mean the worst sin in the world– it “kills souls” you know– and God just completely manages to forget to say anything about it? Or maybe your confusion is because whenever you define pedophile you always use the words from the psychopath listing?

I don’t know. I do know nature itself conspires against you. Puberty has been coming at an earlier age in nearly all cultures and the trend shows that continuing to be the case. Studies continue to come out that mock your opinions. What else are we to make of the recent news that your life expectancy is largely determined by the age your mother was at birth? That said I don’t expect you or any of your cohorts to change anytime soon and you don’t have to. We Paederotics have learned from the lessons of history all we really have to do is wait you out — you fools! Did you really delude yourselves into thinking it was only about sex? Projection much? While you and your third husband are shopping the children back and forth in between your busy schedules and big screen televisions we’re the ones they’ll turn to. There’s a reason why children continue to turn to those of my community– it’s because we really do care for them and they can sense our sincerity.
my perspective v2.0
and i have a message for you – a message from one of an entire race
of pipers, and it is this:

get rid of your own rats this time. this time around we will not
do it for you, nor will we lead your kids away.

but remember one thing:

if you don’t – your children will follow us of their own accord,
and you will not be able to stop them.

so clean up your act – ok?

Honestly its those of you who are so virulently sex-negative that worry me the most! Statistically you’re the most likely of all people to snap and do something unforgivable to ‘your’ children and harm the ones we love. You find us untrustworthy because we refuse to repress ourselves and see ourselves as victims? I find your unhealthy preoccupation with supressing your sex drives and the negative body image problems you posion your progeny with even more disturbing! Scroll back up the page and look at figure 5-2 again. There’s a reason why the vast majority of those who abuse children sexually are parents or other ‘guardian’ figures. It’ss because those of you in that position who have bought into the sick idea you own ‘your’ children are but one step away from using your property for your own selfish gratification.

Can we at long last dispense with the overused, beaten to death, sterotype of Stranger Danger? The fact remains– no matter how much it is attempted silence the truth– the fact remains the biggest dangers to your children are not paedophiles. You know this! The biggest danger to your children are you yourselves. Parents. Uncles. Stepfathers. The self-actualized paedophile is the one who will ask and accept yes and no for an answer. Parents and other authority figures have long been accustomed to simply taking what they want and forcing children to comply with their wishes. In my book that’s a precursor to rape. How DARE you project that on to us! How dare you make us the fall guys for your actions! How DARE you get on your high horses when we respond to provocation and declare us to be once again your convient scapegoats!

–I*Love*Green*Olives (who could go on and on with this subject but has decided to save it for the next post)

The Big Lie

26 04 2006

There are a lot of lies told about the Paederotic. There are tales about the mysterious powers we are supposed to have. There are inflated numbers… (Over three billion in the United States alone!!!!!11111oneone ) and there are inflated numbers (Child Porn a 20 Billion Dollar Industry) and then there are inflated numbers… (Each pedophile will rape at least sixteen children in their lifetime!!!!oneoneone111)

The latest ‘Big Lie’ is different. This one is that ‘international pedophile leader’ Lindsay Ashford’s site has child porn on it. And like all other big lies it originated somewhere out in the ether and no one can seem to find the original source for the information. It just gets passed along by anyone who hears it without substantiation. Worse yet, people assume that since Lindsay has ‘come out of the toy box‘ as a Minor Attracted Adult that the allegation must be true. Without even attempting to check things our for themselves. Without asking him about it or giving him the chance to remove the link if one of the sites he links to externally underwent new ownership without him being aware of it. No, people saw it on teh interweb so it must be true…

The funny thing is, I’m Paederotic and Lindsay Ashford is not my leader. Truth be told, I don’t even like the man. I find him abrasive and unnecessarily didactic at times when he posts. I try not to allow these things to cause me to lose sight of the brave thing he and a few others have done by coming out of the toy box by making their identities public and so despite how I may or may not feel about the man personally I respect him very much for his contribution to the Paederotic community. (No offense I hope Lindsay! ^_~) All that said and he’s still not my leader. He’s not even the leader of any of the Paederotic that I talk with regularly online. He has even resigned his role on other community oriented websites so as to avoid even the appearance of being a leader. If you ask him, he will tell you himself he is no one’s leader. If you head over to Girl Chat you’d see that there are many who will be only too happy to agree with him– at least as far as this subject is concerned anyway!

All that said, what’s really bothersome is the idea that people are so unscrupulous they would lie to shut out the voice of another from the public spectrum. Here is a man who has (as far as I know) no criminal background, whose personal information can be looked up and compared with his photograph, who has gone out of his way so far as to create an automated complaint form with which to use to submit complaints about his website to the relevant authorities—a man whose made it appallingly easy to defame himself—all for the purpose of demonstrating with his own life that it is indeed possible to be Paederotic without being a criminal. A man who in word and deed does everything he can think of to help children, and failing to find any actual fault with the man his critics are so desperate to shut him up that they need to make up a bogus child porn accusation to defame him with.

It only goes to show you how bankrupt his opponents are if this is the best they can come up with.

It makes one wonder how much else our opponents have to say is untrue?

Regardless of whatever else happens we can be sure of at least one thing about this situation; it works as a great illustration of how the ‘Big Lie‘ method is still alive and well….


PS: After I went typed this I noticed on this blog another example of how dishonest our opponents are. This woman posts the details of several horrifying crimes and the ties them to the Paederotic by mentioning the two subjects in the same breath. Now she is out and out accusing Ashford of insitgating the terrible rape of an infant. Oddly enough she skirts the fact that once again it is Daddy who has committed this crime. Yet another example of how dishonest and morally bankrupt these people are—unwilling to deal with the mess at their own doorstep, they’d rather blame the Paederotic and defame Lindsay Ashford by way of character association… err.. I meant character assassination but interesting freudian slip nevertheless…