Perverted Justice on the Run?

8 08 2007

Philip Eide runs away!

It hasn’t been going so well for PeeJay lately. First there’s the news their DateLine NBC entrapment schemes haven’t exactly been keeping people in jail which shoots down any law enforcement benefits supposedly offered by their peculiar mix of softcore porn and edutainment…

Then there’s the (upteenth in how many months now) report of a study showing sex offenders are among those least likely to get in trouble after serving their time….

Of course this is all old news now…but that’s what happens when you’re unable to get online for awhile! 😉

More interesting are the denials of police officers taking bribes to allow Perverted Justice to pull their entrapment games

Or the article in Rolling Stone Magazine, calling the games PeeJay plays the New American Witch Hunt….

Oh and speaking of the whole Murphy affair? Get this, they’re getting sued for $105M

Hmm… maybe Eide has a good reason for running away from reporters after all?